Watch Summer Olympics 2016 online

Are you looking for a way to watch Summer Olympics 2016 online? It can be done easily, and this is how you can stream live from Rio.

In the period between August 5th and August 21st all eyes will look to Rio. Some will even start looking on August 3rd and 4th as some of the Olympic football matches will be played then already, but the opening ceremony will take place on August 5th.

If you want to watch the Summer Olympics 2016 online, follow the instructions and be ready to watch the event on BBC in England in a few minutes from now.

First step to watch Summer Olympics 2016 online

The first thing you will need is a subscription to the VPN provider HideMyAss.

This is a VPN provider which will make you able to get an IP address in different nations. Subscribe to their services and download their VPN client and you are ready to watch Summer Olympics 2016 online on lots of different TV stations all around the world.

Second step to watch the Summer Olympics 2016 online

Now that you have your HideMyAss subscription you can freely decide where you want to watch all the Summer Olympics happenings online. Here are some suggestions. All streams mentioned here are free and belonging to real TV stations without pop-ups and stupid ads, so this is like watching it on a real TV station as the streams actually belong to large TV stations.

  • Visit BBC.comĀ  and watch all matches on UK TV (connect to server in the UK with HideMyAss).
  • Visit and watch the matches on Swiss TV (connect to server in Switzerland with HideMyAss).
  • Visit and watch the matches on Hungarian TV (connect to server in Hungary).

These are three different ways in which you can watch the Olympics from Rio live online in three different nations using HideMyAss. We hope you will enjoy all the action and the matches.


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