The favorites to win the FIFA World Cup 2018

With only one month to wait for the FIFA World Cup 2018 to start, we all wonder which team will win the competition, and which teams will surprise us. According to the odds-makers, Brazil is the favorite to win the tournament, but close behind them, Germany.

If you were to bet money on the winner of the FIFA World Cup at Unibet, you would get 4 times your money back if you placed your bet on Brazil. If you place money on Germany, you will get 5 times your money back, while Spain will give you 6 times your money back.

Can Neymar and Brazil win the FIFA World Cup 2018?
Can Neymar and Brazil win the FIFA World Cup 2018?

There are lots of bookmakers, but it seems to be a general agreement amongst them, that Brazil and Germany are the big favorites to win. Besides them, Spain, France, Belgium, and Argentina are the closest competitors. England, Portugal, and Croatia could be teams making it to the final, but if  Portugal would continue the success from Euro 2016 and win, you would get 16 times your money back on Unibet.

On Bet365 the odds are quite similar, but if Portugal would win, you would get 26 times your money back. Brazil would give you five times your money back, while Germany would give you 5,5 times your money back.

The surprise team from the FIFA World Cup in 2014, Costa Rica, will give you 501 times your money back on Bet365, while the teams giving you the highest profit would be Saudi Arabia and Panama (1001 times your money back).

Which team do you think will win?

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Do not buy FIFA World Cup tickets from second-hand sites like Viagogo, WorldTicketShop, Stubhub etc.

Are you really looking forward to the FIFA World Cup, and want to do anything to be present at one or more matches? Have you considered buying a second-hand ticket from Viagogo, Worldticketshop, StubHub, or some similar site? Think again, and skip it!

If you buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup from FIFA directly, you will not only get your ticket, but also a Fan-ID. This is utterly important because the Fan-ID will serve as your Visa to Russia for the entire time of the FIFA World Cup. But, it is not only your Visa, it is also your “add-on” which needs to be shown together with your ticket to enter the stadium for the actual matches. And this is why it is so risky to buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup from second-hand sellers.

Do you want to see England live in Russia
Want to see England (without Wayne Rooney) in the FIFA World Cup? Watch out and buy your tickets directly from FIFA!

We have an affiliate relationship with Worldticketshop and Viagogo, but before recommending those we wanted to check out if it actually works. And that is when we stumbled upon lots and lots of questions and warning related to buying World Cup tickets from second-hand sites.

It should also be mentioned FIFA have legal agreements against Viagogo, making this the worst of the worst when it comes to ticket sale for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

There are stories of people who have used ticket sites like StubHub, Viagogo, and Worldticketshop and succeeded in getting their hands on both tickets and Fan-ID, but it is a risky sport to do, especially since you need to order flight tickets and hotel in addition. Since you often have to wait for tickets, it is very risky if your FIFA World Cup tickets will be canceled or maybe not arrive on time, because then your entire stay in Russia is at risk!


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Buy a FIFA World Cup ticket and forget about your Visa request

If you want to visit Russia during the FIFA World Cup, you will need to get a tourist Visa. That can be difficult to get, and it will cost you money. But, why not buy a ticket for a FIFA World Cup match instead, and you will automatically get the right to visit the country (without a Visa).

At the moment you buy a ticket for one of the FIFA World Cup matches you will get a so-called you’ll get an exclusive Fan-ID. This is delivered to you from FIFA, and this Fan-ID will serve as your Visa to Russia for the time of the FIFA World Cup. That’s neat, isn’t it?

FIFA World Cup tickets

If you want to visit Russia during the World Cup, simply buy your ticket, order your airplane ticket, and book your hotel at, and you are ready to go. The ticket prices for the different matches vary, but the prices normally move between 100-250 USD, but you might be lucky and find even cheaper tickets as well.

Are you out there looking for tickets for the matches on the Internet already? We totally get that. But, what if you do not have the time, nor the money to visit Russia and watch the matches live during the FIFA World Cup? You can still have a wonderful time watching all the matches from home.

Would you like to see a full schedule for the FIFA World Cup 2018? Or do you want to know how to stream all the FIFA World Cup matches online? Click the links and find the information you need.

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Can AS Roma do the impossible again?

AS Roma lost 4-1 against FC Barcelona in the first Champions League quarter-final. Everyone considered it impossible for AS Roma to qualify for the semi-final after that result, but on April 10th we were all proven wrong. Can AS Roma do the impossible again?

AS Roma seems to have big trouble playing on foreign ground. They lost 4-1 to FC Barcelona, and one week ago they lost 5-2 to FC Liverpool. What’s wrong with the team? But, if you look at those scores, you will quickly notice that they have the same starting point before the semi-final in Rome on May 2nd as they had before the quarter-final against FC Barcelona on April 10th. They need to score three goals, and they need to keep their own goal clean.

Will the AS Roma players rejoice like this after tomorrow's match against Liverpool?
Will the AS Roma players rejoice like this after tomorrow’s match against Liverpool?

Winning 3-0 against FC Barcelona seemed impossible, but if they managed to do that, then AS Roma can just as well win 3-0 against FC Liverpool tomorrow. The truth is, it seems easier to beat Liverpool 3-0 than it is to beat FC Barcelona 3-0. But, is AS Roma capable of performing such a miracle once again? I doubt it, but I kind of hope they will.

Liverpool is a fresh team, and I like the way Jurgen Klopp work with the team. I also know that Liverpool has millions of fans worldwide, all eager for their favorite team to qualify for the Champions League final. Based on the number of fans, AS Roma come as big outsiders to this match. But, we have seen it before that AS Roma can perform miracles in Rome, so maybe they will do it again.

The people of Liverpool already love Jurgen Klopp, but if he takes the team to the Champions League final, they will love him even more.
The people of Liverpool already love Jurgen Klopp, but if he takes the team to the Champions League final, they will love him even more.

Has any of the teams got a chance against Bayern München or Real Madrid?

Anything can happen in football, but no matter which team will win, AS Roma or Liverpool, I doubt they will have any chance against Real Madrid or Bayern München in the Champions League final. Those teams have proved to play amazing football in important matches, and I fear that they will mock any team trying to take their Champions League trophy from them.

What would then my dream Champions League final look like? I do hope for a miracle from Bayern München in Madrid tonight, but I do not care if they will play against Liverpool or AS Roma. May the best team win!

For more information about football and the FIFA World Cup 2018, check

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Zlatan will not play in the World Cup 2018

There have been rumors about Zlatan Ibrahimovic coming to Russia to play for the Swedish national team during the FIFA World Cup 2018. Yesterday he ended the rumors as he confirmed that he will NOT play for Sweden during the FIFA World Cup.

Zlatan for Sweden in RussiaOnly a week ago Zlatan took part in a talk-show in the United States (with Jimmy Kimmel), in which he said that he wanted to give a gift to the people of Los Angeles, so he gave himself (by moving to the city). In the same interview, he also said that a World Cup wouldn’t be a world cup without Zlatan. Lots of people interpreted this as if Zlatan would, therefore, play for Sweden in the World Cup, but yesterday he ended the rumor spreading.

What makes the entire story a bit confusing, is that Zlatan has said that he will be in Russia. But, recently he said that he will not be there to play for Sweden, nor to work as a commentator. The latter is a job for those who want attention, but Zlatan doesn’t need attention, so why work as a commentator?

When Zlatan signed his contract with LA Galaxy, a part of the contract said that he would get a break from Major League Soccer during the FIFA World Cup. Even though MLS doesn’t take a break during the FIFA World Cup, Zlatan will get a break and the chance to visit Russia.

On the last question, Zlatan said that he considered Sweden to be the favorites to win the World Cup. And his final sentence was: Sweden is better without Zlatan.

We will soon find out. If you want to know more about the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA World Cup groups, or find out how you can stream the matches online, look around here at

Would you like to watch the entire conversation between Jimmy Kimmel and Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Take a look at the video beneath.

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