Ready for Women Euro 2017 in football!

The European Championship in football for ladies will start on July 16th. The opening match will be played in Utrecht on July 16th, and the host nation (Netherlands) will play against one of the big outsiders in the tournament, Norway.

If you take a look at the teams participating, based on the FIFA ranking, the following teams should be the best teams:

  • 2 Germany
  • 3 France
  • 5 England
  • 9 Sweden
  • 11 Norway
  • 12 Netherlands
  • 13 Spain
  • 15 Denmark

As you can see, Germany is the best ranked team in front of the tournament (of the partaking nations). It is also a fact, that Germany has won the six latest UEFA Euro tournaments for women. The last time the German ladies did not win was back in 1993.

France and England should be the toughest competitors for Germany, but on a lucky and disciplined day, both Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark can cause a lot of trouble.

The tournament will be arranged in the Netherlands, and we have often seen hosting nations perform better than normally, meaning that the Netherlands could become one of the really big outsiders. In Norway’s team we will find Ada Hegerberg, the lady who scored more Champions League goals last season than Ronaldo did. She was also selected the best female footballer in the world in 2017 by UEFA. Can she do the same Ronaldo did last summer, and bring victory to her home nation?

Where to stream the Ladies Euro 2017 online?

If you want to stream the tournament online, then the IP Address Guide has a very thorough guide on how that can be done.  In their guide you will also find detailed information who will broadcast the event in different nations, and of course practical guidance on how to stream the event online.

In the UK the event will be streamed on Channel 4. In Germany the event will be aired by ZDF and ARD (also known as DasErste). These channels mostly have live streams available online, available to people in those given nations.

The German team has been ranked either as the second best team in the world or the best team in the world continously for the last ten years. They normally change spots with USA now and then, but they are totally ruling among the nations in Europe. Will they be able to win again?


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Watch Mexico vs New Zealand online (Confederations Cup 2017)

Mexico played a solid match against Portugal in their opening match of the Confederations Cup, while New Zealand lost easily 2-0 against Russia.

Based on the opening matches most people agree that Mexico will come to this match as big favorites to win. They are a brilliant team with some great profiles in their squad. The most popular players in the Mexican squad in the Confederations Cup are probably Javier Hernandez from Bayer Leverkusen, Raul Jimenez from Benfica and maybe Hector Herrera from Porto.

The team from New Zealand doesn’t have any big international profiles at all, so no special player to look out for.

Watching confederations Cup online

Here we are watching the Confederations Cup online. The quality is much better in reality than on the screenshot.

Stream Mexico vs New Zealand online

If you want to stream the match between Mexico and New Zealand online, then you can do so on ITV in the UK. For this to work, this is what you need to do.

  1. Sign up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN and download their VPN client.
  2. Connect to a server in Chessington, UK.
  3. When this is done visit the ITV website. You first need to register a user there, and make sure to register it with a UK zip code. Since you connect to an ExpressVPN server in Chessington we recommend using the Chessington zip code KT91AA.
  4. When this is done you are ready to visit the ITV website and stream the match between Mexico and New Zealand online.

If you want to know more about the Confederations cup and how to stream it online, read the following article.

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Watch Norway vs Germany online

The first qualification match for the FIFA World CUp in 2018 for Germany will be played against Norway on September 6th in Norway. This is how you can watch Norway vs Germany online.

The disciples of Joachim Low are big favorites to beat Norway in front of this match. Per Ciljan Skjelbred, the captain of the Norwegian team who plays in Hertha Berlin, says that people in Germany make fun of him and Norway before the match, everyone expecting the match against Norway to become an easy win for Germany. They are for sure big favorites in front of the match, and if Norway will play like they did in their opening match before Euro 2016 against Italy (they lost 2-0 and did not have one shot on goal during the match), then it will truly become an easy win for Germany.

Norway is however a strange team, because they do have some quality players which can surprise here and there on a brilliant day. Adame Diomande plays for Hull, one of the surprise teams in the English Premier League this season. He scored the first Premier League goal of all this season, and has since then scored two more goals in a cup match. Joshua King plays for AFC Bournemouth and in his last match against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park he scored the first and only goal for AFC Bournemouth. Unfortunately for them Crystal Palace scored during overtime, meaning that the match ended with a 1-1 result.

watch norway vs germany online

Watch Norway vs Germany online

Norway vs Germany on Dplay in Norway

If you want to watch the match between Norway and Germany online then it can be done on Norwegian TV and on German TV. In Norway the match will be broadcasted by Dplay, a pay-TV service. This is brilliant if you want to watch the match with Norwegian commentators. For more information on how you can access and watch Dplay from abroad, read this article (in Norwegian).

Norway vs Germany on ZDF in Germany

This is a better version, because ZDF in Germany will show the match live online for free. The only requirement if you want to watch ZDF online is that you are located in Germany. If you try to watch the stream on from outside Germany you will get an error message. To get rid of the error message and watch Norway vs Germany on ZDF you can follow these instructions and start watching right away.

Get ready for the FIFA World Cup 2018

We are already getting ready for the FIFA World Cup in 2018. This is the first qualification round in Europe, but there are lots of other matches being played all around the world as teams play and do their uttermost to be there among the top teams in Russia in 2018. You can get all the action and find out more about how you can watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 online here at

What do you think about the match between Norway and Germany? Will Norway have any chance against the big stars from the German Bundesliga and the other top leagues all around Europe? Can the Norwegian keep Jarstein (who plays for Hertha Berlin in the German Bundesliga) stop Özil, Thomas Mueller, Toni Kroos and all the other stars on the German team?


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Can Denmark surprise during the Olympics?

The Danish football team is playing their opening match currently in Rio. After a few minutes they had a ball hitting the post, but still the score is 0-0 in their match against Iraq.

Brazil can be considered favorites in front of the tournament together with Germany and Argentina, but Denmark can become outsiders that bring success back home to Copenhagen and Denmark. In Denmark the event is broadcasted on TV2 and the event can be watched online at TV2Play. If you would like to watch the event on Danish TV then you can read more about watching the Summer Olympics on Danish TV online here.

While Danes are already paying attention to what’s happening in Rio, most football fans will only turn on their TV’s in a few hours from now as Brazil will play their opening match against South Africa.

The match will start at 21.00 in Central European Time tonight, so if you are interested in watching the match, then that can easily be done.  For a full schedule on all matches to be played tonight, check this site.

Tomorrow it will be time for the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, and to watch that online we recommend that you read one of the following articles:

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Watch Mexico vs Germany online

On August 4th it is time for Mexico vs Germany in the Summer Olympics. If you want to watch Mexico vs Germany online, this is how it can be done!

Mexico and Germany are both outsiders in front of the football tournament during the Summer Olympics, but both teams can on lucky days be among the best teams competing in the entire tournament. The match between Mexico and Germany will be important for both teams as it is very important to get a good start on such a tournament. But, which team will win the match? Find out as you watch Mexico vs Germany online!

  • For more information in general on how to watch the Summer Olympics online, check this article.

Watch Mexico vs Germany online

watch germany vs mexico online

This is the way to stream Mexico vs Germany online

If you want to watch the football match between Mexico and Germany online there are two ways in which that can be done easily. You will most likely need a VPN subscription to IPVanish for this to work, as you need a German or a UK IP address for this to work.

  • You should be able to watch the match on Check their website and try watching their live stream. If it doesn’t work because of you being outside the UK click the IPVanish button above, sign up for their services, download their app and connect to a server in the UK. You can then revisit the BBC website and start watching the match between Germany and Mexico online. You can read more about watching BBC from abroad here.
  • The match between Mexico and Germany will also be broadcasted on ZDF in Germany. They have free streams available on If you get a geographical error use IPVanish to get yourself a German IP address and visit the ZDF website over again. You should then be able to watch Mexico vs Germany live online on ZDF, also from outside Germany. For more information on watching German TV abroad, visit

You should now be ready to watch Mexico vs Germany online. Have a good time as you do so!

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