Watch Uruguay – Portugal online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Uruguay will play against Portugal in the World Cup 2018 on June 30th, match starting at 20.00 CET. They will play at the Olympic Stadium in Sochi. Want to stream Uruguay – Portugal online?

Uruguay had a slow start on the FIFA World Cup, but in their match against Russia, they started to impress. Portugal had a great start of the tournament against Spain but has slowed down a bit since then. But, when Uruguay and Portugal march onto the grass of the Olympics Stadium in Sochi, this is getting serious. Will Luis Suarez and Uruguay secure a spot in the quarter-final of the World Cup, or will Ronaldo and Portugal proceed to the quarter-final?

Watch Portugal vs Uruguay online
Watch Portugal vs Uruguay online

I would say that this is a totally open match, and anything can happen. Both teams have quality players, but the biggest profile is, of course, Ronaldo. But, Uruguay has Cavani, and they have got Suarez. In their defense, they have Godin, a guy who plays for Atletico Madrid, and he has long experience of stopping Ronaldo. This will be a thriller, and I look so much forward to watch it!

How to watch Uruguay – Portugal online?

Here I will list some of the TV channels that will broadcast Uruguay vs. Portugal online. Simply click the link of the TV station you are interested in and you will find instructions on how to watch that TV station online, no matter where you are in the world.

This will be an awesome match, and I cannot wait for it to start. But, earlier on June 30th, France will play against Argentina, and that will also be an awesome match. I cannot wait for the knockout stage to start!

Which team do you believe will win, Uruguay or Portugal?

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Watch France – Argentina online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

On June 30th the first knockout stage match will be played between France and Argentina. How is it possible to stream France – Argentina online?

The match between France and Argentina will give a fantastic start to the knockout stage. These are both teams that can fight for the gold medal in the tournament, even though Argentina has played rather poor football so far. But, we shouldn’t forget Portugal who won the European Championship in 2016. They managed to win the entire tournament, even though they only won ONE single match during normal time (the semi-final against Wales). So, it doesn’t matter how Argentina has performed until know, because this is the knockout stage, and anything can happen.

Watch Argentina - France online
Watch Argentina – France online

France hasn’t impressed so far either, but we know what they are capable of. This will be a fantastic match, and we look really forward to it already. Will Griezmann be the hero after the match, or will Lionel Messi?

Watch France – Argentina online

There are several ways to stream France vs. Argentina online. If you press the links beneath, you will find the instructions that will help you watch the match online on the TV channel you are interested in.

Click on one of the links, and get ready to stream France – Argentina online. Do not forget, whatever instructions you read and follow, it will also make you able to stream the rest of the World Cup online, so it is worth the extra minutes and a few dollars!

Who do you think will win, France or Argentina?

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Watch Nigeria – Argentina online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Both Nigeria and Argentina play for a chance to play in the knockout stage of the FIFA World Cup tonight at 20.00 (CET). Do you want to watch Nigeria – Argentina online?

Few people expected the standings to show Argentina in the last place before the last leg in the group stage in group D. Here you can see the standings in group D before the last leg.

group d fifa world cup
Standings in Group D before the last leg

As you look on the standings, there is only one thing we can know for sure… Croatia has made it to the knockout stage. But, which team will follow them? Before the tournament, I called this the toughest and most interesting group, and I still find it to be so. Croatia will play against Iceland, while Nigeria will play against Argentina.

If Argentina manages to play at their best, they should make it the knockout stage. It will require them to score more goals than Iceland do (if both teams win their matches tonight), giving them a better goal-score than Iceland. But, Argentina has to win their match tonight, and that should give Nigeria some great chances as well. The African team will most likely end up in the knockout stage if they get a draw tonight, as long as Iceland doesn’t win against Croatia with 3 goals or more.

Argentina hasn’t impressed so far in the tournament, but maybe today is the day when Messi will get lucky again?

Watch Argentina – Nigeria online

The best way to stream Argentina vs. Nigeria tonight is by watching it on BBC in England. The same channel will also broadcast Iceland – Croatia, meaning you can easily jump between the two streams.

We hope it will be a fantastic match, and personally, I hope Messi will succeed and that this will be a match Argentina will win 5-0 after playing fantastic football for the first time in the tournament.

What do you think?

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Watch Denmark – France online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

On June 26th Denmark will play against France in Moscow. Would you like to watch Denmark – France online? Read more to find out how it can be done!

France has won both their group stage matches during the World Cup in football so far. Denmark won against Peru and played a draw against Australia. Denmark needs only one point to secure their place in the knockout stage, but they might get a place there even by losing against France, as long as Peru grabs at least one point against Australia.

Watch Denmark - France online
Watch Denmark – France online

France hasn’t impressed a lot, but they seem to be a steady and strong team. They have a secure spot in the knockout stage, but they are for sure eager to win the group in front of Denmark). Both teams will, therefore, be happy with a draw, but neither of the teams will be happy about losing.

We hope it will be an action-packed match, but it can easily turn into a boring one. So, how can you watch Denmark – France on the Internet?

Watch Denmark – France on the Internet

There are several ways to watch Denmark vs. France online. If you are a fan of Denmark, you should watch it on Danish TV. If you cheer for France, watch it on French TV. If you are a supporter of the English language, watch it on ITV in England.

Who do you think will win? I will, of course, cheer for Denmark, but my guess is that the match will end 1-1.

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Watch Portugal – Iran online [FIFA World Cup]

Can Iran qualify for the FIFA World Cup knockout stage? If they win against Portugal today, the can! Portugal has, however, impressed, and they will be eager to prove themselves worthy for the knockout stage tonight!

Ronaldo has scored five amazing goals so far in the FIFA World Cup, after only two matches. That is fantastic, but he is not alone, as lots of other players also stand with three, four and even five goals after two matches (Harry Kane has five goals for England). Tonight Portugal will need to play a draw against Iran to secure their spot in the knockout stage, but if they want to win the group, they will need a win (and that might not be enough either).

Watch Portugal vs Iran online
Watch Portugal vs Iran online

As Portugal and Iran play their match tonight, they will already know which team the winner of group B and the runner-up in group B will play against (either Uruguay or Russia). Neither of the teams in this match has the time or chance to play with that thought, as both Portugal and Iran wants to secure a win in this match.

Portugal as big-time favorites, but Iran might surprise…

Watch Portugal – Iran online

The best way to watch Portugal vs. Iran online is on RTP in Portugal, at least if you cheer for Portugal. You can find instructions in Portuguese on how to watch RTP from abroad here.

Would you rather watch Portugal vs. Iran on BBC in the UK? And since BBC will broadcast Spain – Morocco as well, you can easily jump between the matches?

Let us hope for a fantastic match tonight, lots of goals, and maybe some spectacular stuff from Ronaldo again!

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