Can Denmark surprise during the Olympics?

The Danish football team is playing their opening match currently in Rio. After a few minutes they had a ball hitting the post, but still the score is 0-0 in their match against Iraq.

Brazil can be considered favorites in front of the tournament together with Germany and Argentina, but Denmark can become outsiders that bring success back home to Copenhagen and Denmark. In Denmark the event is broadcasted on TV2 and the event can be watched online at TV2Play. If you would like to watch the event on Danish TV then you can read more about watching the Summer Olympics on Danish TV online here.

While Danes are already paying attention to what’s happening in Rio, most football fans will only turn on their TV’s in a few hours from now as Brazil will play their opening match against South Africa.

The match will start at 21.00 in Central European Time tonight, so if you are interested in watching the match, then that can easily be done.  For a full schedule on all matches to be played tonight, check this site.

Tomorrow it will be time for the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, and to watch that online we recommend that you read one of the following articles:

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