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Why Denmark vs. Peru will be such an interesting match!

Denmark vs. Peru will for sure be an interesting match!

Yesterday I published my list presenting the three most interesting group stage matches in the World Cup 2018. Since then I read some comments on Reddit, and one of them was about the Denmark vs. Peru match, and I was intrigued! It was in the following thread on Reddit that some people started discussing my […]

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Top three matches during the FIFA World Cup 2018 group stage

Argentina vs Croatia

We all look forward to the entire World Cup, but if you do not have time to watch all the matches, make sure to not miss out on the following three matches. As a big football fan, I do find every single match in the FIFA World Cup to be interesting. I know, the opening […]

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Iceland seems a bit rusty before the World Cup

Can Iceland surprise

Iceland is a small nation with a giant heart. The Icelandic players play with their hearts on the outside, and they fight till the very end for their nation. Can they compete with the best in the FIFA World Cup? Iceland will play in group D in the World Cup. This is the worst of […]

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Can Keylor Navas and Costa Rica qualify for the knockout stage once again?

Watch Costa Rica - Serbia online

Nobody expected Costa Rica to qualify for the knockout stage during the FIFA World Cup in 2018. They ended up winning their group, leaving nations like Uruguay, Italy, and England behind them. Can they do the same once again? In 2014 Costa Rica won 3-1 against Uruguay, 1-0 against Italy and played 0-0 against England. […]

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Does Panama have a chance in the FIFA World Cup?

Panama in the FIFA World Cup

Panama is one of those nations participating in the FIFA World Cup that the big crowds know nothing about. So, what has Panama got to offer? Can they surprise us? Few people expected Panama to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, but they managed as the United States lost 2-1 in their last match against […]

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