Ready for Women Euro 2017 in football!

The European Championship in football for ladies will start on July 16th. The opening match will be played in Utrecht on July 16th, and the host nation (Netherlands) will play against one of the big outsiders in the tournament, Norway.

If you take a look at the teams participating, based on the FIFA ranking, the following teams should be the best teams:

  • 2 Germany
  • 3 France
  • 5 England
  • 9 Sweden
  • 11 Norway
  • 12 Netherlands
  • 13 Spain
  • 15 Denmark

As you can see, Germany is the best ranked team in front of the tournament (of the partaking nations). It is also a fact, that Germany has won the six latest UEFA Euro tournaments for women. The last time the German ladies did not win was back in 1993.

France and England should be the toughest competitors for Germany, but on a lucky and disciplined day, both Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark can cause a lot of trouble.

The tournament will be arranged in the Netherlands, and we have often seen hosting nations perform better than normally, meaning that the Netherlands could become one of the really big outsiders. In Norway’s team we will find Ada Hegerberg, the lady who scored more Champions League goals last season than Ronaldo did. She was also selected the best female footballer in the world in 2017 by UEFA. Can she do the same Ronaldo did last summer, and bring victory to her home nation?

Where to stream the Ladies Euro 2017 online?

If you want to stream the tournament online, then the IP Address Guide has a very thorough guide on how that can be done.  In their guide you will also find detailed information who will broadcast the event in different nations, and of course practical guidance on how to stream the event online.

In the UK the event will be streamed on Channel 4. In Germany the event will be aired by ZDF and ARD (also known as DasErste). These channels mostly have live streams available online, available to people in those given nations.

The German team has been ranked either as the second best team in the world or the best team in the world continously for the last ten years. They normally change spots with USA now and then, but they are totally ruling among the nations in Europe. Will they be able to win again?


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