Watch Russia – Spain online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Can Russia surprise and beat Spain already in the first match of the knockout stage? Find out as you watch Russia – Spain online. This is how it can be done.

Russia had a good start in the FIFA World Cup, but against Uruguay, it suddenly stopped. They had their chances, and they could have had some luck and scored a goal, but all in all… the true face of Russia showed in the match against Uruguay.

Watch Russia vs Spain online
Watch Russia vs Spain online

Based on their performance, they shouldn’t have any chance against Spain, but Spain didn’t exactly impress against Morocco either. Since it is the knockout stage, anything can happen, but we are quite sure that Spain will win this match.

There is, however, a danger that this will be a match with lots of yellow cards, and maybe even some reds. If Russia gets in a bad mood, I am afraid they will start playing ugly, and the temper will be high on the field. What do you think?

How to watch Russia – Spain online?

If you want to watch Russia vs. Spain online, there are several TV channels broadcasting the match. It can, in fact, be streamed in almost all the nations of the world, so it should be quite easy to turn on your TV and to watch. But, if you want to watch it on a specific channel, here are some of the channels broadcast the match. Press the links for more information on how to watch that specific channel no matter where you might be in the world.

Press the link you are interested in and have a fantastic time watching Russia vs. Spain online.

What do you think will be the final result of the match between Russia and Spain? Our guess is a 3-1 victory for Spain!

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Watch Spain – Morocco online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Spain played marvelous football against Portugal in their opening match but did not impress in the same manner again Iran. What will it look like against Morocco?

When Spain and Morocco walk onto the field, Morocco already knows that they haven’t got a chance to qualify for the knockout stage in the FIFA World Cup. They have played great football, especially against Portugal, and it is one of the nations I will miss, but it was all wasted away as they lost 1-0 against Iran in their opening match.

Watch Spain - Morocco online
Watch Spain – Morocco online

Spain needs to secure at least a draw in this match, but if they want to win the group, they need a victory (and that might not be enough either). By the time the match starts, Spain will know if the winner of the group will play against Russia or Uruguay, but since neither opponent will be an easy one, they will probably not let that influence the outcome of the match.

Diego Costa has impressed so far in the tournament, but, will he continue scoring those goals tonight? Find out as you watch Spain vs. Morocco online!

Watch Spain – Morocco online

The best way to stream Spain – Morocco online is on BBC in England. BBC will also stream Portugal – Iran, so you can easily jump between the two streams if you want to.

Would you rather watch Spain – Morocco on Spanish TV? That is easy to understand, and you can read more on how to stream the event on Spanish TV pressing the link beneath.

Let us hope it will be a fantastic match tonight with lots of goals, nice tricks, and maybe some samba-football from Morocco as well?

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Watch Spain – Iran online [FIFA World Cup]

The last match in the FIFA World Cup on June 20th will be played between Spain and Iran. Can Spain play magnificent football like they did against Portugal? Watch the match online and find out!

Iran managed to win 1-0 against Morocco in their opening match. That is a perfect start on the tournament for them, even though they got lucky with the own-goal, causing them to beat Morocco. They did, however, play fairly good football in the match, and they deserved the victory just as much as Morocco did. But, do they have anything or anyone capable of keeping up the tempo with Spain? For sure not!

Watch Spain - Iran online
The Spanish bear, Diego Costa. Will he score again against Iran?

Did you watch the match between Spain and Portugal? If you didn’t, watch the highlights from the match here. It was such a fantastic match, that I doubt there will be any other match like it in the World Cup. Spain passed the ball like as if was stuck to their feet, and the passes were all accurate, and it all went so fast. And they were capable of doing so against the winner of the former European Championship, Portugal. Isco had a fantastic match against Portugal, and even though Diego Costa looks like a bear, and sometimes played like a bear, he still scored two goals and did a great job. What will happen in the match between Spain and Iran?

The tempo will for sure be lower as Iran will try to slow down the pace of the game at all times. But, they will not be able to do so, because all Spain need is 2-3-4 passes in a quick pace, and the Iranians will be looking to the big screens on the stadium to understand where the ball is. Want to enjoy this match online?

Watch Spain – Iran online

If you are a fan of Spain, the best option is to watch the match on Spanish TV online. If you want to watch with English commentators, then ITV/BBC in the UK is the best way to stream Spain – Iran online. Click the links beneath to find information on the option that you are interested in.

We look forward to the match. What do you think will be the final result of this match? 4-0 victory for Spain?


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Top three matches during the FIFA World Cup 2018 group stage

We all look forward to the entire World Cup, but if you do not have time to watch all the matches, make sure to not miss out on the following three matches.

As a big football fan, I do find every single match in the FIFA World Cup to be interesting. I know, the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia is kind of lame, but it is also magical. Imagine watching an opening match in which you haven’t heard about 90% of the players on the field! Imagine watching an opening match where most likely 100% of the players on the field play football in their home leagues, and there will be no international stars. It isn’t hard, as 100% of the Saudi Arabian players play in their home league, while 21 out of 23 players in the Russia squad plays in the home league.

On the second day, some might say that Morocco – Iran is a boring match, but it might turn into exactly the opposite. Here we have two teams with nothing to lose, but a lot to win. Here we have got the chance to get to know new players, and I really look forward to it.

One of those “boring” teams that I look forward to watching is Serbia. They do not have the biggest profiles, but they won 5-1 against Bolivia in their last match before the tournament. They have their super-attacker Aleksandar Mitrovic who has scored a lot for Fulham lately (and helped the club get to the Premier League), and in the latest Serbia match against Bolivia, he scored 3 (out of five goals). I believe we have a lot to look forward to. But, still… which are the three matches you do not want to miss out on during the FIFA World Cup group stage?

Three matches you do not want to miss out on during the World Cup group stage

Spain vs. Portugal – June 15th

It should come to you as no surprise that the first match is the one between Spain and Portugal on June 15th. This will be a neighbor battle, and it will also be two of the favorites to win the tournament battling one another. This is a match loaded with big names and stars, but the biggest of them all is Ronaldo. Spain had a disappointing World Cup in Brazil, and also a disappointing result during Euro 2016. Portugal won the European Championship in 2016, and they now have the chance to prove themselves as one of the best football nations in the world.

Portugal vs Spain on June 14th

The problem with this match is that it might become boring. It has the potential of becoming a fantastic match, but it might end up as a slow paced match with stupid fouls, lots of yellow cards, and both teams being afraid of losing. But, no matter how the match will end, you do not want to miss out on Spain vs. Portugal on June 15th.

Argentina vs. Croatia – June 21st

Lionel Messi is a fantastic player, but he still hasn’t won a World Cup with Argentina. In 2014 they lost the final against Germany, but this time the team will be eager to win the entire tournament. But, Argentina ended up in what might be the toughest of all the groups in the World Cup. Before their match against Croatia they have already played against Iceland, and after their match against Croatia, they still have to battle Nigeria. It is an incredibly tough group, but most people expect Argentina and Croatia proceed to the knockout stage.

Argentina vs Croatia

Argentina has a fantastic squad, and their biggest stars are Angel di Maria, Lionel Messi, Gonzalu Higuain and Sergio Aguero. But, these guys will not be the only star players on the field on June 21st. Because, playing for Croatia we will most likely see players like Mario Mandžukić, Nikola Kalinić, Ivan Perišić, Luka Modrić, and Ivan Rakitić on the field. And even though they are not as famous as Messi, these are superstars, and capable of working miracles with and without the ball.

The stars on both Argentina and Croatia are either midfielders or attackers. Both teams are playing attacking football, but that often create trouble in the defense. What would you say about a 3-3 result in this match?

England vs. Belgium – June 28th

Would you like to finish the group stage with a bang? Watch England vs. Belgium, the match that will tell us who will be the winner of group G in the FIFA World Cup. We do not know what to expect from the match yet, but this might be a very important match for both teams. The winner of the match will most likely win the group and play against the team placed second in group H (Senegal, Colombia, Japan, or Poland). We know that a football team always play to win, but it might be that both England and Belgium would be more happy playing against for example Japan, than against Poland.

England vs Belgium

No matter what they will think about the 1/8 finals, both England and Belgium will be eager to beat the other team. Here we can watch the top stars from Belgium who normally play for teams in England (Lukaku, Hazard, De Bruyne, Fellaini etc.) These players will be eager to show their teammates from their clubs in England, that they are playing for a better nation. But, the English players will be eager to prove themselves better than their Belgian friends.

Most likely both teams will know for sure that they have a spot in the knockout stage before this match, but no matter what, this will be a friendly match with lots of action, and as we all know… you want to prove to your friends that you are better!

Which are your favorite matches?

Which matches do you look forward to? Take a look at the full World Cup schedule to make up your own opinion!

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Watch Portugal – Spain online

One of the most interesting matches in the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played already on the second day of the tournament. How can you watch Portugal – Spain online? Read to find out!

Both Spain and Portugal are among the favorites to win the FIFA World Cup. Spain looks stronger, but they have had trouble succeeding in big tournaments lately. Portugal has good players, but during Euro 2016 they proved that they can beat even the best team, making them outsiders that might win the FIFA World Cup. And now, already on the second day of the FIFA World Cup 2018, we have this fantastic match coming up between Spain and Portugal. The match will be played in Sochi, and it will be of great importance to get a good start on the world cup. Do not miss out on Portugal vs. Spain.

portugal vs spain

But, how can I watch Portugal – Spain online?

It is quite easy to stream the match between Portugal and Spain online. If you follow the method described here you can, in fact, watch all the FIFA World Cup matches online, so hurry up and enjoy a working solution that will let you stream the entire tournament online.

Watch Portugal – Spain online

  • You can watch the match on BBC in the UK!
    (BBC is a TV channel that together with ITV will broadcast all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches in the UK). 
  • To watch BBC online (outside the UK) you need a subscription to the VPN services of ExpressVPN.
    (If you first sign up, you can use the same method to watch all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches).
  • Visit the ExpressVPN website, sign up for their services, and download their ExpressVPN client.
    (ExpressVPN will let you watch ITV in Windows, on Mac, tablets, and telephones).
  • Connect to a server in the UK with ExpressVPN, visit the ITV website, create a user at their website (free), and start streaming.

If you find these instructions complicated, please read my very detailed article on how to stream the FIFA World Cup online right here. There you can read more on how to stream all the matches on devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices and more.

Portugal vs. Spain match information

City: Sochi
Date: June 15th

Who do you think will win – Portugal or Spain?

It is hard to predict the winner of this match, but I do consider Spain to have a stronger squad. But, if I take into consideration the problems Spain has had in international tournaments lately, this might end up in all ways. However, my tip for this match is a 1-1 result. What do you think? Write a comment and let me know!

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