How to watch the World Cup 2014 online in Singapore?

watch world cup in SingaporeMaybe you wonder why we write an article on the topic of how to watch the World Cup 2014 online in Singapore. Well, the truth is that watching the World Cup in Singapore is extremely expensive.

If you read the following article, you can in fact find out that people in Singapore need to pay more than 100 USD to watch the football matches on TV in Singapore. That is crazy, and that is why people in Singapore have complained a lot, and look for other ways to watch the championship on their TVs and online. Well, here is a good and legal way to watch the World Cup 2014 online, from and in Singapore.

Watching the World Cup in Singapore

What you need to do to watch the World Cup in Singapore, in a much cheaper way, is to get yourself a VPN subscription. We recommend using HideMyAss or IPVanish for this purpose. Both VPN providers have servers in several nations, and this is how this will solve your problem as you want to watch the World Cup 2014 in Singapore.

There are quite a lot of nations in which you can watch the World Cup online for free, without paying anything. The only requirement is that you have an IP address in that actual nation. And that is where your VPN provider will help you! Use HideMyAss or IPVanish for exactly this purpose, to get an IP address in one such nation, and thus you are ready to watch the World Cup matches online. A VPN subscription for one month cost about 10 USD (if you sign up for 12 months the monthly price is around 6 USD), and that is much cheaper than the price Singaporeans have to pay to watch at home.

If you first have your VPN subscription, here are some of the channels on which you can watch the World Cup 2014 online for free:

  • ITV in the UK
  • BBC in the UK
  • NRK in Norway
  • DR in Denmark
  • ORF in Austria
  • Ceska Televizie in Czech Republic

All these channels have free online live streams, so it is just to connect to one of the VPN servers in any of these nations, and afterwards you can watch the live streams from the World Cup and watch the matches online, for a very good price.

Our personal favorite of the two providers is HideMyAss, as they are the biggest VPN provider with most servers worldwide.

If you would rather go for IPVanish, which has a bit cheaper 1 month subscription price, visit their website.

Both providers mentioned here have money back policies, so if you are not satisfied, you have the right to ask for your money back!

Good luck, and enjoy watching the World Cup in Singapore!

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