Watch World Cup 2014 on TF1 online from outside France

TF1 will be the channel in France that will broadcast from the World Cup 2014. As you try to watch their broadcasts from outside France you will get an error message telling you that it is not possible. What can you do still to watch the World Cup 2014 on French TV and on TF1.

TF1 from abroad

If you want to watch the World Cup 2014 from Brazil live online on TF1, then the solution is to get yourself a French IP address. An IP address is your address on the Internet, and whenever you visit TF1 they will check whether you are located in France or not. If they find out that you are located outside France, you will get an error message like the one you see on the picture. To get rid of the message you need to make them believe that you are located in France, and that can be done using a VPN provider with servers in France. The solution is therefore to sign up for the VPN services of the VPN provider VyprVPN. They have several servers in France, and their website is also available in French, and once you connect to their server in France you will get a French IP address, and you will again be able to watch the live streams on TF1, from wherever you are in the world.

To get started click the VyprVPN box, sign up for their VPN service, download their VPN application and connect to one of their servers in France. You are now ready to watch TF1 online from all across the world, and you are ready to watch France go all the way towards the final and gold in the World Cup 2014!

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