Interesting football matches in Europe on September 11, 2011

It feels strange to write about the upcoming weekend already, considering that it is still just Tuesday, and we have got quite a lot of interesting matches coming up for the national teams all across Europe. I believe the most interesting match might be the one between the Netherlands and Turkey later tonight, as both teams are at the top of their group, and this will be a crucial match for both teams.

The Netherlands has been very impressive, but Turkey can often perform miracles against teams way better than themselves. Will it happen again tonight?

Serie A, La Liga, Premier League

A quiet Friday

We often have quite a lot of interesting matches on Fridays, not only from Ligue 1 in France but also from the German Bundesliga and sometimes also from Premier League. There will be one Ligue 1 match online on Friday, but to be honest, it is quite boring, so it isn’t really worth mentioning.

Saturday party!!

However, when Friday turned into Saturday, things are going to get more interesting, as there will be quite a lot of interesting matches in many of the European top leagues.

Can Arsenal finally win?

I guess it cannot be considered a top match when Arsenal welcomes Norwich to Emirates Stadium in London. But, considering that Arsenal has 0 points after three matches, this is an extremely important match. They will just have to win it, if not, I fear that the life of their coach will start to hang in a very thing thread. The Norwegian star-midfielder Martin Odegaard arrived from Real Madrid just a few weeks ago. Can he help turn the things around in Arsenal?

What about Ronaldo?

In Serie A in Italy, there will also be a top match. Juventus will play against Napoli. What is gonna be extremely interesting about this is to see how Juventus will perform in their post-Ronaldo era. We all know that having a super-star in the team doesn’t always boost the overall performance of a squad, and since Ronaldo has played for Juventus, they haven’t been able to bring home any of the most important trophies at all. Will it bring luck to the team to say goodbye to Ronaldo? And in what way will the arrival of Christiano Ronaldo influence Manchester United who will play against Newcastle United at Old Trafford on Saturday. I guess that is gonna be very interesting to find out, and I really hope I will be able to stream the match between Manchester United and Newcastle United online.

RB Leipzig hasn’t had the best start on the season in the German league, and things will not become easier as Bayern Munchen comes to play against them. But, that will happen this upcoming Saturday, meaning that we have yet another top match to look forward to in the Bundesliga as well on Saturday.

I guess you have your Saturday schedule set up already. It should also be mentioned that Paris St Germaine will play against Clermont on Saturday at 17.00, meaning that you will have trouble watching all your favorite teams at the same time, but that is what I call a luxury problem!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Champions League groups in 2021/22

The biggest tournament for football clubs in the world is the Champions League in Europe. This is where the big money is, and it is the dream of all players and coaches to win this tournament at least once. Who will win the tournament in 2021/22? Many people expect PSG to finally win after the arrival of both Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi, but if Neymar will leave the club, I actually believe they would have been better off without Lionel Messi.

But, let us take a look at the different groups in the Champions League in 2021/22.

If you want more information about how you can stream the different Champions League group stage matches online, take a look at the following article.

Champions League 2021/22 – Group A

Manchester City (England), Paris Saint-Germain (France), RB Leipzig (Germany), Brugge (Belgium)

This is gonna be a very tough group. Not only because Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain is in the group, but also because RB Leipzig is a great team in Germany and a team capable of playing extraordinary football on some days. Brugge isn’t an easy opponent either, even though I expect at least PSG and Manchester City to win both their matches against the Belgian team.

Champions League 2021/22 – Group B

Atlético Madrid (Spain), Liverpool (England), Porto (Portugal), Milan (Italy)

I don’t believe Jurgen Klopp was very happy about this one, and probably Diego Simeone dreamt of an easier group as well. But, this is what they have been given, meaning that this is a group in which all four teams have a serious chance of actually qualifying for the knockout stage of the tournament. Even though Atletico Madrid and Liverpool are supposed to be the best teams, I wouldn’t dare to look down on Porto or Milan. This is going to be extremely interesting!

Champions League 2021/22 – Group C

Sporting Lisboa (Portugal), Borussia Dortmund (Germany), Ajax (Netherlands), Besiktas (Turkey)

If one would consider the first two groups to be nightmare groups, then this is a group way easier to digest. None of the teams are among the best in Europe, but we also know that Ajax and Borussia Dortmund are capable of playing very well from time to time. Who knows what will happen in this group? Will Erling Haaland score lots of goals and become the top scorer in the Champions League two years in a row?

Champions League 2021/22 – Group D

Inter (Italy), Real Madrid (Spain), Sjakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine), Sheriff Tiraspol (Moldova)

This is probably the group that many consider being the easiest one to predict. Everyone expects Inter and Real Madrid to win the group, while the team from Ukraine and the team from Moldovia will fight to end up third and get a place in the Europa League.

Champions League 2021/22 – Group E

Bayern München (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), Benfica (Portugal), Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine)

Many might look at this group as they look at Group D, but I do consider this to be a more interesting and tougher group. Benfica is a great team from Portugal, and we also know by experience that Dynamo Kyiv is a tough nut to crack, especially as they play at home in Ukraine.

But, I would be very surprised if Barcelona and Bayern München didn’t end up winning this group!

Champions League 2021/22 – Group F

Villarreal (Spain), Manchester United (England), Atalanta (Italy), Young Boys (Switzerland)

I think all four coaches were really happy to see the names of the other teams in the group. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will get a chance to take revenge for their loss against Villarreal in the Europa League final last year, while Atalanta and Young Boys will want to prove that they belong among the big teams in Europe. Atalanta from Italy has been very solid the last couple of years, so I believe this is going to be a tough group, maybe with Manchester United and Atalanta ending up as the best two teams in the group.

Champions League 2021/22 – Group G

Lille (France), Sevilla (Spain), Salzburg (Austria), Wolfsburg (Germany)

To be honest, this might be the most boring group, at least I am tempted to think so at first. Why? There are no big profiles in the group at all. Both Lille and Sevilla have great teams and players, but there are no big stars in any of the squads. In other words, this is the group that I will most likely neglect and not really pay attention to. Who will win the group? I guess my vote will be for Lille and Sevilla, but I can easily imagine that Salzburg and Wolfsburg might end up among the best teams in the group as well.

Champions League 2021/22 – Group H

Chelsea (England), Juventus (Italy), Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia), Malmö (Sweden)

This is a group that can give us some big moments in front of our screens. Ronaldo has been a little bit hidden away from the world during his time in Turin (Italy), but I am sure that he is eager to win the Champions League with Juventus before he leaves the club. I have my doubts, as I have trouble seeing Juventus pave the way to the final of the Champions League. But, I do believe that they will do well enough to win the group and earn themselves a spot in the knockout stage. Chelsea will, however, give them much trouble, and maybe Romelu Lukaku will become the big star in the Champions League this year and not Christiano Ronaldo or Erling Haaland.

Zent and Malmo are both teams with great discipline and interesting players, but I doubt that they will have the quality to win against Juventus and Chelsea.

So these are the Champions League groups in 2021/22. Which groups will you pay attention to? Are there any groups you consider to be more interesting than the others? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments on the matter.

When will Messi play his first match for PSG?

Paris St Germain will play their third match in Ligue 1 this season against Brest tomorrow, on August 20th. Will Messi be on the field? Based on the information I have found, he will not yet be in the squad, and that means that our next chance to see Messi play for PSG will be in their next Ligue 1 match against Reims on August 29th. That is still quite far away, but if you wait for something good and exciting, then it doesn’t hurt to wait a bit more.

It reminds me a bit of the feeling I had waiting for the European Championship in football this summer. It was first extremely far away, but then it just got closer and closer, and it became exactly the highlight of the summer, just like I had hoped for.


Now we are all waiting for Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi to enter the fields of Parc des Princes, or some other venue in France, and to see how they will affect the team. Will they bring PSG to a new level, or will all the stars just make a mess of it all, just like France did during the European Championship in football earlier this summer?

I sometimes fear that the same might happen to PSG. They have the strongest squad in Europe, but it doesn’t mean that they will win it all. In fact, all it takes is some weak matches during the knockout stage of the Champions League, and that will be the end of the story for Pochetini as PSG manager, considering that everyone expects him to win the Champions League trophy with PSG this year.

PSG has a very light schedule in Ligue 1 this year, meaning that they will not meet any of the “best” competitors before the middle of September. They started with a match against Troyes (that they won 2-1), then they won 4-2 against Strasbourg, and now they will play against Brest, Reims, and then against Clermont. Only after those three matches will they have the pleasure of playing against Lyon at Parc des Princes in Paris.

What will happen to Navas?

Keylor Navas is one of my favorite goalkeepers in Europe. But, what will happen to him after the arrival of Donnarumma? I guess every team in Europe would dream of having two such keepers in their squad, but I don’t believe any keeper like Navas or Donnarumma will be satisfied sitting on the bench while watching the other keeper play. And since PSG just bought Donnarumma, I believe the natural thing would be for Keylor Navas to look for a new home. What do you think?

One final thought!

Yesterday, I did some research on the streaming service of Fanatiz. This is a worldwide streaming service, but what can be streamed on the platform depends on your location. That is why I did some tests, and if you are located in the USA, you can easily stream all Ligue 1 football live. Isn’t that a wonderful possibility if you are eager to watch Messi, Neymar, Ramos, and Wijnaldum play at the same time for PSG?

If you live outside the USA, follow the instructions in this article to get access to Fanatiz all across the world.

Are you happy?

Are you ready for Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in 2021?

After a little summer break for the Formula 1 drivers, the action will return to Belgium and to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps at the end of August 2021. Less than a month ago, Max Verstappen had a nice lead in this year’s Formula 1, but after an accident at the Silverstone Circuit in England, and a poor race in Hungary, it is now very tight between him and Lewis Hamilton. On the twenty-ninth day of August in 2021, we will get to know even more. Will Lewis Hamilton take over the lead, or will Max Verstappen get back and finally get a new victory?

It is always interesting to watch the Formula 1 races, and after the race in Belgium, the drivers will only travel to the neighboring country (the Netherlands) where the next race will be held one week later at Circuit Zandvoort in Zandvoort. After these two races, it will be even more interesting to find out how this year’s competition will develop. Maybe Max Verstappen can take advantage of driving in front of a home audience, or maybe that doesn’t really matter since they cannot hear a thing while driving anyway? I don’t really know, but it will anyway be interesting to pay attention to the races and watch every second!

formula 1 belgium

Would you like to stream the Grand Prix race in Belgium and in the Netherlands online? If you would like to do so, you can find a thorough guide giving you all the information you need about how it can be done at

Above you can see an image from the race in Hungary in 2021. It was packed with action and a quick mistake from Bottas caused giant trouble for several drivers, including Verstappen.

In other words, there has been a lot of action in the previous races, starting with the Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen crash on Silverstone, then followed by the Hungaroring trouble… meaning that the tension will be giant before the race in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

Are you ready to stream the action online? I am really looking forward to this. Are you? Do you think Verstappen can take advantage of driving in Belgium and in the Netherlands or doesn’t it matter at all? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Which Premier League matches can I watch on PeacockTV on August 21st, 2021?

Are you a big fan of Premier League football? Do you have a PeacockTV subscription, or are you considering buying one? Is PeacockTV worth it if you want to stream Premier League football? Well, they do not show all the matches, but I guess they are showing maybe 40%-50% of all the Premier League matches.

Which Premier League matches can you stream on PeacockTV on August 21st? And on August 22nd? Here you can find the list. If you want more information about how you can watch PeacockTV abroad, check this article:

premier league peacocktv

Premier League matches on PeacockTV on August 21st

  • Leeds vs Everton
  • Crystal Palace vs Brentford
  • Brighton vs Watford

Those are the matches that you can stream on PeacockTV on August 21st in 2021. Maybe not the most interesting matches, but personally, I am curious to find out if Brentford was lucky against Arsenal in the season-opening, or if they actually have a team capable of winning several Premier League matches in a row? Crystal Palace lost against Chelsea in their season opener, meaning that they are kind of desperate to get their first points as they will play against Brentford at Selhurst Park.

Premier League matches on PeacockTV on August 22nd

Maybe you are disappointed by the selection of matches on August 21st, but then you have something to look forward to on August 22nd. On that day, you can stream the match between Manchester United and Southampton on PeacockTV. That will be a real thrill, especially after the wonderful 5-1 win of Manchester United in their first Premier League match this season against Leeds. Can they do it again? It will for sure be harder against Southampton at St. Mary’s Stadium on August 22nd, but I am sure that Pogba, Fernandes, and maybe also Varane and Sancho will be eager to prove that it wasn’t just luck that gave them that amazing victory in their first match.