Boring football Sunday…

I just looked through the schedule for today (Sunday) all across Europe. Normally, there are lots of interesting matches to be played in the Bundesliga, in Serie A, in La Liga, in the Premier League, and in Ligue 1. But, today something went wrong. Of course, a football maniac will have no trouble finding an interesting match to stream, but if you don’t feel obsessed by football, instead you just like to watch good matches, then today is kind of a bummer.

Are you serious? No football to watch?

I am not completely serious. There are some matches that I could watch and that would be interesting to stream online. In Italy, there will be matches between AC Milan and Lazio, and you also have a match between Sampdoria and Inter. But, I wouldn’t miss a party because of any of those Serie A matches.

In the Premier League, we have the match between Liverpool and Leeds. Of course, fans of Liverpool will be eager to watch it, but if you don’t care so much about Salah, Jurgen Klopp, and the rest of the team, then this is a match you can easily skip. And that was it… there are no other Premier League matches today.

There are three Bundesliga matches today, but neither of them includes any of the German top teams (considering that BVB, RB Leipzig, and Bayern Munchen all played yesterday).

What about Spain and France?

Maybe La Liga in Spain will give you something to watch? I guess the truth might be in Spain because if I really had to watch something, I guess it would be a Spanish match, or maybe one of the Italian matches I mentioned earlier. Espanyol will play against Atletico Madrid, and that might be interesting. Real Madrid will play against Celta Vigo, while Cadiz will play against Real Sociedad. Once again… not very interesting.

In France, the only match that is a little bit interesting is the match between Lyon and Strasbourg, but I wouldn’t really skip any program because of this match either.

What is the conclusion? Time to head out into the forest!

Yes, it is time to go out and get some fresh air. There will be lots of other football matches worth watching in the coming weeks and months, so put on your shoes and head out into the wild and breathe in some fresh air. Moving your body will help you as well, so don’t look down on such an opportunity.

Manchester United Champions League
Manchester United will play against Young Boys from Switzerland in the Champions League on Tuesday.

Time for the Champions League

On Tuesday, in two days, there will be a Champions League match between Barcelona and Bayern Munchen… Yes, that is an interesting match that I look forward to stream. Would you like to learn more about how you can stream the Champions League online? Click the link to find out more on how it can be done! And if you have followed those instructions, do not forget that Wednesday will be just as interesting. That is when Manchester City will play against RB Leipzig, Inter against Real Madrid, Liverpool against AC Milan, and Lionel Messi will play his first Champions League match with PSG against Club Brugge.*

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