Buy a FIFA World Cup ticket and forget about your Visa request

FIFA World Cup tickets

If you want to visit Russia during the FIFA World Cup, you will need to get a tourist Visa. That can be difficult to get, and it will cost you money. But, why not buy a ticket for a FIFA World Cup match instead, and you will automatically get the right to visit the country (without a Visa).

At the moment you buy a ticket for one of the FIFA World Cup matches you will get a so-called you’ll get an exclusive Fan-ID. This is delivered to you from FIFA, and this Fan-ID will serve as your Visa to Russia for the time of the FIFA World Cup. That’s neat, isn’t it?

FIFA World Cup tickets

If you want to visit Russia during the World Cup, simply buy your ticket, order your airplane ticket, and book your hotel at, and you are ready to go. The ticket prices for the different matches vary, but the prices normally move between 100-250 USD, but you might be lucky and find even cheaper tickets as well.

Are you out there looking for tickets for the matches on the Internet already? We totally get that. But, what if you do not have the time, nor the money to visit Russia and watch the matches live during the FIFA World Cup? You can still have a wonderful time watching all the matches from home.

Would you like to see a full schedule for the FIFA World Cup 2018? Or do you want to know how to stream all the FIFA World Cup matches online? Click the links and find the information you need.

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