Which Premier League matches can I watch on PeacockTV on August 21st, 2021?

Are you a big fan of Premier League football? Do you have a PeacockTV subscription, or are you considering buying one? Is PeacockTV worth it if you want to stream Premier League football? Well, they do not show all the matches, but I guess they are showing maybe 40%-50% of all the Premier League matches.

Which Premier League matches can you stream on PeacockTV on August 21st? And on August 22nd? Here you can find the list. If you want more information about how you can watch PeacockTV abroad, check this article: https://www.ipaddressguide.org/how-to-watch-premier-league-on-peacocktv-outside-the-usa-an-illustrated-guide/

premier league peacocktv

Premier League matches on PeacockTV on August 21st

  • Leeds vs Everton
  • Crystal Palace vs Brentford
  • Brighton vs Watford

Those are the matches that you can stream on PeacockTV on August 21st in 2021. Maybe not the most interesting matches, but personally, I am curious to find out if Brentford was lucky against Arsenal in the season-opening, or if they actually have a team capable of winning several Premier League matches in a row? Crystal Palace lost against Chelsea in their season opener, meaning that they are kind of desperate to get their first points as they will play against Brentford at Selhurst Park.

Premier League matches on PeacockTV on August 22nd

Maybe you are disappointed by the selection of matches on August 21st, but then you have something to look forward to on August 22nd. On that day, you can stream the match between Manchester United and Southampton on PeacockTV. That will be a real thrill, especially after the wonderful 5-1 win of Manchester United in their first Premier League match this season against Leeds. Can they do it again? It will for sure be harder against Southampton at St. Mary’s Stadium on August 22nd, but I am sure that Pogba, Fernandes, and maybe also Varane and Sancho will be eager to prove that it wasn’t just luck that gave them that amazing victory in their first match.

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Copa America -> June 13-July 10 (2021)

The European Championship in football will start on the eleventh of June in 2021, and only two days later it will be time for the kick-off in Copa America, the Southern American version of the European Championship in football. If you are a football freak, you will for sure want to watch both events online.

Here at www.watchworldcup.net, we have written a lot of articles about the European Championship in football, but we haven’t written a lot about Copa America. But, if you are interested in knowing more about how you can watch Copa America online, then we can warmly recommend the following instructions which are easy to use and follow.

Even though many people will claim that Euro 2020 is the best event for football fans this summer, some will disagree and say that the qualify of Copa America is just as high as the quality of the European Championship.

copa america
Lionel Messi on Copa America. Source: Shutterstock

In Copa America, we can watch players such as Neymar, Valverde, Suarez, Sanchez, Vidal, Casemiro, Allison, and several others, and it will for sure be a fantastic event.

This year, Australia and Qatar were supposed to be a part of Copa America, but they were both hindered from taking part in the tournament. But, that isn’t the only change that has happened with Copa America this year.

Copa America – a tournament changing all the time

  • First of all, there were supposed to be 12 nations participating, but instead, there will only be 10 nations, which means that there will be 2 groups with 5 teams in each.
  • The tournament was first meant to be arranged in Colombia. But, due to political tension in the country, they decided to move the entire tournament to Argentina. However, the Coronavirus situation in Argentina is very hard at the moment, and as a last-minute decision, they have decided to move the entire tournament to Brazil where it will be arranged in four different cities and five different stadiums.
  • The event was supposed to be arranged in 2020 but was moved to 2021 due to Covid (just like Tokyo 2020 and Euro 2020).

The last Copa America was won by Brazil in 2019, while the previous was won by Chile in 2015. Who will win it this year? Based on the friendly matches that were played some days ago, Brazil seems to be very good. Argentina has great players in Aguero, Angel di Mario, and Lionel Messi, but they do not seem to be very solid at the moment.

Chile has some great players, but the team in general should be too weak to be able to stand up against Brazil. The same can be said about Uruguay where players such as Godin and Suarez are the biggest stars.

What do you think? Are you going to stream Copa America as well? Which country will you cheer for, and who do you believe will win the tournament?

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Watch Real Madrid vs. Liverpool online (Champions League Final – May 26th)

If we speak about club football, the match of the year is without a doubt the Champions League final. Can Real Madrid win the trophy for the third year in a row, or can Liverpool bring the trophy back to England? How to stream Real Madrid vs. Liverpool online!

Real Madrid has yet again managed to get to the Champions League final without really impressing. It is impressive that they get to the final, but if you have watched their recent matches you have probably seen that they haven’t played fantastic football. But, that is the magic of Zidane, he takes his team to the Champions League final for the third year in a row without really impressing the audience.

Can Salah continue his fantastic season by scoring goals in the Champions League final against Real Madrid?
Can Salah continue his fantastic season by scoring goals in the Champions League final against Real Madrid?

Liverpool is a way more interesting and funny team to watch. They can play magnificent football, but they can also play terrible football. Under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp, the Champions League final is for sure the highlight, but can they win? On a good day they might win the final 3-2, but on a bad day, this might end with a 4-0 victory for Real Madrid. In a Champions League final anything can happen, but on the paper, Real Madrid are favorites to win this for the third year in a row.

How to watch Real Madrid vs. Liverpool online?

Are you looking for a way to stream the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool online on May 26th? There are a couple of ways in which it can be done.

  1. You can stream it on Fubo TV in the United States. You need a subscription to Fubo TV and a VPN subscription for this to work (if you live outside the USA). Read more about how to watch Fubo TV online here.
  2. You can stream Real Madrid vs. Liverpool on SRF in Switzerland. The stream is free to watch, but you need a Swiss IP address which you can get using the VPN services of ExpressVPN.
  3. If you want to watch the match on Hungarian TV, it can also be done. Visit www.mediaklikk.hu, click ELO in the upper right corner, and choose M4. The stream is free, but you need a Hungarian IP address to watch. You can get a Hungarian IP address using the VPN services of ExpressVPN as well.

ExpressVPN is a VPN provider with servers in lots of nations worldwide. They have a 30-day full refund policy, making sure that you get your money back if you do not succeed, or do not like their services. Sign up, download their application, connect to a server in Switzerland (or Hungary, or wherever you want) to get an IP address in that given nation. You can also use ExpressVPN to stream the FIFA World Cup online, the watch American Netflix abroad, and much more!

Salah vs. Ronaldo

The two biggest profiles on the field in the Champions League final will be Christiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) and Mohamed Salah (Liverpool). The first one we know everything about, while the latter is an Egyptian football player who has had a fantastic season in Liverpool this year. He has appeared in 36 matches this season, and he has scored an amazing amount of 32 goals. Before he came to Liverpool he played for teams such as Chelsea, Roma, Basel and Fiorentina, but his giant breakthrough has taken place this season.

We hope for a big Salah show in the Champions League final. What do you think?


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Can AS Roma do the impossible again?

AS Roma lost 4-1 against FC Barcelona in the first Champions League quarter-final. Everyone considered it impossible for AS Roma to qualify for the semi-final after that result, but on April 10th we were all proven wrong. Can AS Roma do the impossible again?

AS Roma seems to have big trouble playing on foreign ground. They lost 4-1 to FC Barcelona, and one week ago they lost 5-2 to FC Liverpool. What’s wrong with the team? But, if you look at those scores, you will quickly notice that they have the same starting point before the semi-final in Rome on May 2nd as they had before the quarter-final against FC Barcelona on April 10th. They need to score three goals, and they need to keep their own goal clean.

Will the AS Roma players rejoice like this after tomorrow's match against Liverpool?
Will the AS Roma players rejoice like this after tomorrow’s match against Liverpool?

Winning 3-0 against FC Barcelona seemed impossible, but if they managed to do that, then AS Roma can just as well win 3-0 against FC Liverpool tomorrow. The truth is, it seems easier to beat Liverpool 3-0 than it is to beat FC Barcelona 3-0. But, is AS Roma capable of performing such a miracle once again? I doubt it, but I kind of hope they will.

Liverpool is a fresh team, and I like the way Jurgen Klopp work with the team. I also know that Liverpool has millions of fans worldwide, all eager for their favorite team to qualify for the Champions League final. Based on the number of fans, AS Roma come as big outsiders to this match. But, we have seen it before that AS Roma can perform miracles in Rome, so maybe they will do it again.

The people of Liverpool already love Jurgen Klopp, but if he takes the team to the Champions League final, they will love him even more.
The people of Liverpool already love Jurgen Klopp, but if he takes the team to the Champions League final, they will love him even more.

Has any of the teams got a chance against Bayern München or Real Madrid?

Anything can happen in football, but no matter which team will win, AS Roma or Liverpool, I doubt they will have any chance against Real Madrid or Bayern München in the Champions League final. Those teams have proved to play amazing football in important matches, and I fear that they will mock any team trying to take their Champions League trophy from them.

What would then my dream Champions League final look like? I do hope for a miracle from Bayern München in Madrid tonight, but I do not care if they will play against Liverpool or AS Roma. May the best team win!

For more information about football and the FIFA World Cup 2018, check www.watchworldcup.net.

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