Where can I watch Primera Division (Liga BBVA) online?

Just cant get enough of watching Ronaldo and Bale ruling the fields as Real Madrid play their matches? Or do you have the oppinion that Ronaldo and Bale fade away as Lionel Messi enters the ground? Want to watch matches from the best division in Spain online?

Liga BBVA onlineMost channels broadcasting Spanish football online are pay TV channels, meaning that you need to pay quite a lot of money to get your subscription which will make it possible for you to watch the content afterwards. But, that is not enough, because you will also need to have an IP address in that given nation to actually watch the broadcast available. That is why we have found a much easier and much cheaper way to legally watch La Liga online, and this is the way to do so!

There is an Austrian TV channel named Laola1, and they broadcast almost every single match from Primera Division in Spain. All their content is available online, and the only thing you need to see is a subscription to a VPN provider which will give you an IP address in Austria. And, if you need a VPN provider which provide you with IP addresses in Austria, then HideMyAss is the option for you. If you sign up for 12 months the price is about 6 USD a month, and for that you can watch not only La Liga online, but you can also follow and watch Copa del Rey matches online and lots of other fantastic sports content.

We therefore advice you to sign up to HideMyAss and download their VPN client. Once you have that arranged, visit Laola1.tv and get started watching Spanish football online.

You sometimes need to visit the Austrian version of the site to be able to see the matches available on Laola1, so if you can not see the La Liga in the menu, change to the Austrian version and you will see it showing up and you can then watch the Spanish matches online (with your Austrian IP address provided by HideMyAss).

HideMyAss website(start watching in five minutes)

Isn’t this cool? Check it out and enjoy these matches!

Liga BBVA online on my computer

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