How to watch Champions League on my computer?

UEFA Champions LeagueThe Champions League is the leading football club tournament in the world. It has been going on since 1992, and it is incredibly popular, with for example more than 360 million people watching the Champions League final in 2012/2013.

Before it became Champions League this tournament was known as the “European Champion Clubs’ Cup”, or simply the “European cup.” The most winning team is Real Madrid, with nine totals gathered in total. But, who will win this year? Who knows? But, if you want to find out, you better watch the Champions League matches, and this article will tell you how you can watch Champions League on your computer from home, meaning that you can watch Champions League matches online, without a TV.

Often when you search for such information you are sent to pages with spam, hundreds of pop-ups, commercials and then who knows if you will ever get to see some video in the end. The information given here is not like that. Here you will find described a method that works 100% and it will make you able to watch real and live TV broadcasts of Champions League matches from some of the best TV stations in the world!

The key to watching Champions League online on your computer

There are several TV channels broadcasting Champions League matches online, for example ITV in the UK, ZDF in Germany, Ceska Televizie in the Czech Republic, NOS in the Netherlands and so on. What is true for all of them is that you need a local IP address in that given nation to watch their broadcasts. That is why the first step you need to make is to get yourself a VPN subscription with HideMyAss. Using HideMyAss you can get an IP address in all those mentioned nations, which in other words mean that you can watch the streams showing Champions League matches on all those TV stations online.HideMyAss website(start watching in five minutes)

Now that you have a HideMyAss VPN subscription you can watch your favorite teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Bayern Munchen, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and lots of other teams in seconds. This is what you should do!

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Champions League on my computer

Watch Champions League using HideMyAss

Since you have a VPN subscription with HideMyAss, you can now watch Champions League on your computer. Here is some useful information that will make it easier.

Champions League on ZDF

ZDF in Germany broadcast  from Champions League on Wednesdays. They have German commentators, and normally they prefer matches with German teams involved. Again, there are no Champions League matches broadcasted here on Tuesdays, only on Wednesdays. To watch ZDF you need a German IP address, so connect to a German server using HideMyAss to get one.

Visit ZDF website to watch Champions League

Champions League on NOS

NOS is a very popular Dutch TV channel. Get yourself a Dutch IP address with HideMyAss and visit the NOS website and you can watch your favorite Champions League match in seconds. NOS broadcast one match on Tuesdays and one match on Wednesdays. If Ajax is playing they prefer their matches, if not they will simply pick the best and most interesting Champions League match available.

Visit NOS to watch Champions League

Champions League on ITV

ITV is a fantastic UK TV channel. They have some great programs available, but most important of all is that they broadcast one Champions League match on Tuesdays on Champions League weeks. If possible they prefer English teams, so if there are English teams in action, they will for sure show that match on ITV on Tuesdays. To watch Champions League matches on ITV on your computer, you must connect to a server in the UK with HideMyAss.

Visit ITV to watch Champions League

These are three great options and ways of watching Champions League online. If you have not arranged with your HideMyAss subscription yet, visit their website right away and get ready for some amazing Champions League matches.HideMyAss website(start watching in five minutes)