How can I watch Denmark – Australia online?

Denmark vs Australia online

Denmark will play against Australia on June 21st in Samara. Denmark is favorites to win, but Australia is never an easy opponent to play against.

Would you like to watch the match between Denmark and Australia on the Internet? It is very easy to do so. There are lots of TV channels broadcasting the match, for example, DR/TV2 in Denmark. They have streams available online showing the match, the only requirement is that you need to be in Denmark. If you live outside Denmark but want to watch the match on Danish TV, find out how to watch the Football World Cup online on Danish TV abroad here.

Denmark vs Australia online

But, there are other options if you want the commentators to speak English. The best way is to watch the match on ITV/BBC in England. Both channels are free, you only need to follow these instructions if you live outside England.

The match will start at 17.00 CET, that is local time in Central Europe (in which Denmark is included). If you live in England, the match will start at 16.00. What about those living in Australia? Poor people, they will have to wake up at 02.00 in the night to watch this match. But, it will for sure be worth it, at least if Leckie and the other Australian heroes manage to grab one point or three. The question, however, is: Will Australia be able to stop Christian Eriksen?

Can Australia stop Christan Eriksen?

There are rumors that Christian Eriksen is wanted by Real Madrid. That is understandable, because he is a fantastic player, and he has had a fantastic season in Tottenham behind him. If he keeps up the good work in the World Cup, he will be a hot piece of meat during the World Cup as well. Will Australia be able to stop him? We doubt it!

The match will be played in Samara, a city more than 1000km away from Moscow. More than 1,000,000 people live in Samara, and the stadium on which Denmark will play against Australia has space for 45,000 people!

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