How can I watch Hungary – France online (live from Budapest – June 19., 15:00)

Hungary and France will play their second match in the European Championship in football in Budapest on June 19. in Budapest, at the Puskas Stadium. This stadium has been praised a lot already, not only because it is a great stadium, but also because it is the only stadium in the tournament that is filled up to 100% of its capacity. The opening match between Portugal and Hungary at the stadium was fantastic, and I expect the match between Hungary and France to be even better and more interesting. Would you like to watch Hungary – France online?

This is a match in which everyone expect France to get an easy win. They were very impressive in their match against Germany. But, we also saw how Hungary was able to cause trouble for Portugal in the opening match. So, what can be expected as France comes to play against Hungary in Budapest? And how can you watch the match online?

france - hungary

Watch France – Hungary online

There are several ways in which you can stream France – Hungary online. Here I will give you the easiest and best solution!

The first thing you need is a VPN subscription to SurfsharkVPN.


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Download the Surfshark application to your computer, tablet, phone, or TV.

It is easy to install the application and you can use it simultaneously on all your devices at the same time.

Start the Surfshark program and get ready to watch Hungary – France online.

  • Connect to a server in Hungary: Visit and watch the match on M4 Sport in Hungary. This also works on phones and tablets as you can watch the live stream in your browser window (you do not need a special program installed in addition).
  • Connect to a server in Switzerland: Visit, create a free user, and watch the live stream of the match on either SRF or BBC/ITV.
  • Connect to a server in France: Visit and stream the match on French TV.

These are three options that all work very well if you want to watch the European Championship in football online. You can use the same options to watch all matches from the tournament online, not only the group stage matches but also the different matches in the knockout stage.

Can Hungary surprise against France?

Hungary was almost able to surprise against Portugal, but then it all fell apart in the 84th minute. Will they manage to keep it up all the way until the end against France? I expect France to be an even tougher opponent than Portugal, so I have my doubts. But, it will for sure be an interesting match, and a very good warm-up before the match between Germany and Portugal that will start 3 hours later.

No matter what, June 19 is going to be a fantastic day for football fans!

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