How to watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia online?

Russia vs Saudi Arabia online

The first match in the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played between Russia and Saudi Arabia on June 14th in Moscow. Would you like to watch Russia – Saudi Arabia online?

Russia vs Saudi Arabia online

We have been waiting for the FIFA World Cup 2018 kick-off for four years. That is when the last FIFA World Cup was arranged in Brazil, and now it is time for a new tournament. Can Germany win the World Cup again, or can Argentina, Brazil, Spain, or maybe England win? Few people believe that Russia or Saudi Arabia will have any big chance to get far in this tournament, but with the home audience cheering for them, Russia can surprise.

But, how can you stream Russia – Saudi Arabia online on June 14th, live from Moscow?

It is very easy, and this is how it can be done!

Watch Russia – Saudi Arabia online

  • You can watch the match on ITV in the UK!
    (ITV is a TV channel that together with BBC in the UK will broadcast all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches). 
  • To watch ITV online (outside the UK) you need a subscription to the VPN services of ExpressVPN.
    (If you first sign up, you can use the same method to watch all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches).
  • Visit the ExpressVPN website, sign up for their services, and download their ExpressVPN client.
    (ExpressVPN will let you watch ITV in Windows, on Mac, tablets and telephones).
  • Connect to a server in the UK with ExpressVPN, visit the ITV website, create a user at their website (free), and start streaming.

Would you like the same instructions, just in a more detailed way? You can find detailed instructions on how to watch the FIFA World Cup on ITV and BBC on all sorts of devices in the following article.

Enjoy watching Russia – Saudi Arabia online in the opening match of the FIFA World Cup!

One thought on “How to watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia online?

  1. SaudiPrince says:

    I hope Saudi Arabia will kick the Russians in the but in this match! Go Saudi Arabia, lets beat the Russians 4-0!!!

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