Rugby World Cup kick-off in two weeks!

It is 16 days left before the kick-off for the Rugby World Cup in 2019. New Zealand is the biggest favorites to lift the trophy once again, but they will for sure meet hard challenges as they play against England, Ireland, and the other nations of the tournament.

Soon time for the Rugby World Cup

Have you taken a look at the Rugby World Cup schedule yet? Find out when your favorite team and nation will play. If you want to know more about how you can watch the Rugby World Cup online, follow the instructions here at

I know, we are not only writing about rugby here at the site. Earlier this summer, the website was dedicated to the FIFA World Cup for women. And before that, it was about the FIFA World Cup in 2018 for men. And once the Rugby World Cup comes to an end, we will find something else to feature here at the site.

But, these days, it is all about the Rugby World Cup. It will be hosted somewhere else than in the nation of one of the big rugby nations (for the first time). Few people expect Japan to stir many waves in the water during the tournament, but it would be fun for the home audience if they played well in a couple of matches. The opening match of the Rugby World Cup will be played on September 20th and it will be between Japan and Russia. Which nation do you believe will win that match?

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