Watch Brazil – Belgium online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Are you ready for Brazil vs. Belgium on July 6th, live from Kazan? How are you gonna stream Brazil – Belgium online? Don’t know yet? This is how it is done!

If someone would have asked me before the start of the FIFA World Cup, I could easily have imagined the World Cup final to be played between Brazil and Belgium. The first came to the tournament as one of the big favorites, while Belgium can as one of the top-outsiders. Now they will play, but not in the World Cup final, but instead in the World Cup quarter-final. I have big hopes for this match, and I do want this to be a celebration of football.

Watch brazil - belgium online
Watch brazil – belgium online

As Belgium played against Japan, it was possible to see the weaknesses, but also the fantastic potential in this team. They might have underestimated Japan, but they will not do the same mistake against Brazil.

Brazil played a fairly good match against Mexico, and except for the first 20 minutes, they seemed to control the match easily. But, Brazil also knows that Belgium will be a really tough opponent. Who will win? I don’t know, and I do not care, but I really hope we will get a bombastic football match!

How to watch Brazil – Belgium online?

So, you want to watch Brazil vs. Belgium online? It can easily be done. I recommend that you watch the match on BBC in England. It is easy to stream BBC online, and in this article, you will find instructions on how it can be done.

Would you rather prefer watching Brazil – Belgium with commentators speaking in Portuguese? Watch it on RTP in Portugal. Easy instructions on how to watch RTP from abroad can be found here.

You should now be ready to watch Brazil – Belgium online. I hope you will enjoy the match. If you have any trouble watching the live stream, or simply want to tell me who you think will win the match, please write a comment beneath.

How to watch Brazil – Mexico online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Mexico had a fantastic start on the World Cup but got a punch in their face against Sweden. Brazil started slowly, but they are getting there. Who will win, Brazil or Mexico?

Group F caused the biggest surprise so far in the tournament. Nobody expected Sweden to win the group in front of Mexico, but that is what happened, and now the tournament will move on without Germany.

watch brazil - mexico online
watch brazil – mexico online

Brazil won group E, without impressing a lot. They played better and better, and in the end, they did quite well against Serbia. But, more is required from the Brazilians if they want to make it all the way to the final. Mexico will not be an easy opponent for them, in fact, I think Mexico might give them a bigger challenge than most people would expect.

Watch Brazil – Mexico online

Brazil has millions of fans worldwide, simply because they are Brazil. If you want to cheer for Brazil and understand Portuguese, then you should watch the match on RTP in Portugal. If you prefer the English language, watch the match on ITV / BBC in England. Click the links beneath for more information on how it can be done.

The match will be played on July 2nd in Samara, and it will start at 16.00 CET. 

Who do you think will win? I hope for Brazilian samba-football and a well-deserved victory for Brazil in the end, but if Mexico can keep up their play from the start of the tournament, it will become a close race.

Watch Brazil – Costa Rica online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Brazil did not impress in their opening match against Switzerland. Can they turn this tide and beat Costa Rica with real samba-football? Watch Brazil – Costa Rica online on June 22nd.

The match between Brazil and Costa Rica will be played in St. Petersburg on June 22nd. The match will start at 14.00 (CET), and both teams have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Costa Rica and Brazil have played against one another several times, so they know each other very well.

brazil - costa rica online

Before Costa Rica’s match against Serbia, we were quite sure about the fact that Serbia would surprise. And yes, it happened that way. So, we were not disappointed by Costa Rica, we were just acknowledging that Serbia has a fairly good team. Based on the opening matches, this should be the match between the best and the worst team in the group, meaning that Brazil should win easily.

The question is whether or not they will be lucky and get an early goal. The longer the match will last without a goal for Brazil, the worse feeling it will give the players, and it will lead to a bad mood for Neymar, which later will influence the entire team.

But, to be honest… we really do hope Brazil will get into it and that we will be presented with some real samba football from the Brazilians in this match.

How can I watch Brazil – Costa Rica online?

So, how would you like to stream Brazil – Costa Rica online? There are several ways and several TV stations that will broadcast the match online. Press the link for more information on the TV channel that you are interested in.

Let us hope for lots of goals, samba-football, fantastic saves from Navas, and beautiful goals from Neymar.

Watch Brazil – Switzerland online

Brazil has had an amazing preparation for the World Cup. They won 2-0 against Croatia and 3-0 against Austria. But, will they keep up the good play when it really counts? How to watch Brazil – Switzerland online!

Brazil will play their first match in the FIFA World Cup on June 17th against the team supposed to be the second best in the same group, Switzerland. We all know that Switzerland is a solid team, but Brazil seems to be able to beat any team in the world at the moment, especially as long as Neymar keeps up with his amazing play.

brazil vs switzerland

Neymar has scored in both of their last matches before the tournament, against both Croatia and Switzerland. And, even though Austria didn’t even manage to qualify for the World Cup, we should not forget that they won 2-1 against Germany on June 2nd (8 days ago). So, they are not a bad team, and that makes the 3-0 victory of Brazil even better.

Switzerland is also a great team, and they played 1-1 against Spain on June 3rd. Then on June 8th they won 2-0 against Japan, meaning that Switzerland seems to be a strong nation as well based on their warm-up matches. But, who will win the match on June 17th? Find out as you stream Brazil – Switzerland online!

Watch Brazil – Switzerland online

If you want to watch Brazil – Switzerland online, take a look at our detailed instructions on how to watch the entire FIFA World Cup online by pressing the link beneath.

As you press the link and read the article you will find out how you can stream all the different matches online. And, if you want to know even more stuff related to the FIFA World Cup, check out our World Cup blog with daily articles and interesting updates.

Neymar is back with great power!

On June 3rd Brazil played against Croatia in a friendly match preparing both teams for the FIFA World Cup. Both teams played good football, and both teams proved that they have something to give in the World Cup.

The biggest star on the field in the match was Neymar. He has just returned from injury, and he returned with power. If you haven’t seen his goal yet, take a look at it in the video beneath. He just shot the ball so hard into the net, it is a miracle it didn’t create a big hole in it.

Back in 2014 Brazil and Croatia played the opening match of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Brazil won the match 2-1, but lots of people were unsatisfied with the judge who they felt ruled the game in Brazilian advantage. Yesterday both teams had a fair amount of chances, and Croatia actually played very well. But, Brazil has Neymar, and with Neymar comes to magic. If he can keep it up like that, then Brazil might have a fantastic chance at succeeding in the World Cup. We for sure hope they do because few teams play as cool football as Brazil does.

Neymar is back on track and he scored against Croatia on June 3rd
Neymar is back on track and he scored against Croatia on June 3rd

Croatia will play their opening match in the FIFA World Cup against Nigeria on June 16th, while Brazil will play against Switzerland on June 17th. Nigeria played against England and lost 2-1 this Saturday. I watched most of the match, and I must say that Nigeria is a cool team to watch. They will for sure be punished for their mistakes, but they are cool to watch. They will, however, against a disciplined and well-playing team like Croatia probably lose their opening match.

Switzerland played against Spain yesterday evening and the match ended 1-1. There are quite a lot of similarities between Spain and Brazil when it comes to style, but Brazil is even more attacking, while Spain is more disciplined in their defensive play. Switzerland is a nation hard to beat, but we believe that some Neymar magic will break the defense down, and thus Switzerland will be forced to attack. For that reason, the end result could easily turn into a 1-1, 2-2 or 3-1! What do you think?

Do you want to watch all the FIFA World Cup matches online? Check this article for detailed instructions on how to stream the World Cup on all sorts of devices!