How to watch England – Colombia online? [FIFA World Cup 2018]

England vs. Colombia will be aired by ITV in England on July 3rd. The match will start at 19.00 GMT. How can you stream England – Colombia on ITV from abroad?

watch england vs colombia online

Lots of people in the UK are worried about ITV broadcasting the match between England and Colombia. Not because it is a bad channel, nor because they do not know how to stream ITV from abroad – but, because they believe ITV to bring bad luck to the English team. Want to know why? Read the following article in The Sun to understand more.

England had a very relaxed match against Belgium on June 28th, and they probably didn’t care very much about losing the match. Lots of people already speak about the quarter-final against the winner of the Denmark – Croatia match, but I don’t even care about that, because I have a feeling Colombia might be a hard enough nut to crack for England.

The longer the match will last with a 0-0 result, the harder it will become for England. But, if they can get a quick goal and an early grip on the match, then it might be an easy win. I hope England will win the match with 4-0, but I will have to wait until around 19.00 GMT on July 3rd before I will know the final result of the match.

Watch England – Colombia on ITV from abroad

Would you like to stream the 1/8-final between England and Colombia on ITV from abroad? It can easily be done, and I have already written an easy-to-understand article on the subject.

Press the link to find more information on the subject. It is easy to get access to ITV from abroad, and it will let you watch the real TV stream, so it is well worth a few Dollars and some minutes to make the arrangements.

Have fun watching the match. What do you think will be the final result of the match?

Watch Colombia – Japan online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Colombia has a really interesting squad, and they might become one of the most interesting teams in the tournament. But, will they start with a victory against Japan? Watch Colombia – Japan online!

The Colombian team has some amazing players in their squad. Their biggest stars are Radamel Falcao (playing for Monaco), and James Rodriguez (who plays for Bayern M√ľnchen). The latter is very interesting to follow, because he became the top-scorer in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil! Can he do the same again? Besides these players, Colombia has players active in Arsenal, Barcelona, Villareal, Tottenham, Boca Juniors, Juventus, PSV, Sevilla and more clubs, so do not think that Colombia is an easy opponent.

Colombia vs Japan online

On the other side of the field Japan will be waiting. The big star in their team is Ogazaki, a guy who plays for Leicester City, and who has scored 50 goals in 113 matches for the Japan. Their team might lack big profiles like the Colombian team, but they are in the World Cup for a reason.

Watch Colombia – Japan online

I strongly believe that this is a match that Colombia should win, and I believe they will win it. But, nothing can be known for sure before the match is over. So, how can I watch Colombia – Japan online? It is easy! You can watch the match on BBC and ITV in England. It is easy to get access to these TV channels online, all you need is to follow these instructions.

Click the link for more information on the solution you are looking for.

We believe the match will end with a 2-0 victory for Colombia, after two goals scored by Falcao. What do you think?