How can I watch Croatia – England online? (European Championship in football)

On the third match-day of the European Championship in football, the match between Croatia and England will be the big highlight. Most people consider England to be the favorites ahead of the match, but we all know that Croatia has a very strong team as well. If we even add the fact that England often performs badly in big tournaments, I believe we are set for an awesome match in the European Championship in football on June 13. But, would you like to watch England play against Croatia online? Where can I stream Croatia vs England online? It is very easy!

england - croatia online
Watch England vs Croatia online… This is a very old picture showing Wayne Rooney as he played for England. Source: Shutterstock.

We have a lot of fantastic football matches to look forward to during the European Championship in football. Personally, I am most curious about the matches in the group in which Portugal, France, Germany, and Hungary will play. This is the so-called “death group” and knowing that it will be impossible for Portugal, France, and Germany to proceed to the knockout stage, already makes it very interesting.

But, before those teams will play in their own group, it is time to watch Croatia play against England. This is how you can stream the full match online.

To watch Croatia – England online, do the following!

I have already written a few words in general about how you can watch the European Championship in football online, and you can find those instructions right here. But, let me just sum it up quickly, and you will be ready to watch Luka Modric, Marcus Rashford, and Harry Kane play in a few minutes from now.

  • Purchase a VPN subscription to PureVPN (click the link to get a big discount).
  • Download the VPN application of PureVPN (available for all platforms).
  • Run the application and connect to a server in Hungary.
  • Visit and select the live stream from M4 Sport in the upper right corner.
  • You can now watch Croatia – England online and every other match from Euro 2020!

PureVPN has a special deal if you click the link above giving you a chance to try it for seven days for a price of $1. That is quite perfect, isn’t it? You can pay for your subscription with all sorts of methods, including with cryptocurrencies.

You are now ready to watch this awesome match from the European Championship in football online. Would you like to see the full schedule for the tournament? Take a look at the following article. You need to scroll to the bottom of the article to see the groups and the full schedule for the group stage of the tournament!

Are you cheering for England or for Croatia?

Which country will you cheer for in this match? If you cheer for Croatia, do you also believe that they will win? I might cheer for Hungary as they play against France, Germany, and Portugal in the group stage of the tournament, but I don’t believe for a second that they will win. So, what do you think about this match between England and Croatia? And what do you expect the result to be? I would love to hear from you!

If you have any further questions concerning how you can watch the European Championship online, please write a comment!

Watch France – Croatia online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

The final in the FIFA World Cup will be played on July 15th in Moscow. Do you want to watch France – Croatia online?

It has been a fantastic World Cup, and the only match left in the tournament is the final between France and Croatia. It is a worthy final of a great tournament, even though I would have preferred a final between Belgium and Croatia, or Belgium and England. But, France has been a solid team throughout the tournament, and their place in the final is well-deserved. But, can they succeed in the final, or will they lose like they did against Portugal in the European Championship in 2016?

Watch France - Croatia online
Photo from Pixabay

How to watch France – Croatia online?

ITV and BBC have broadcasted the entire World Cup in England. But, when the final is here, you do no longer have to watch the match on one specific channel. Both ITV and BBC will air the final, meaning that you can watch it on the TV channel that you prefer.

But, how can you watch BBC and ITV from abroad? You can read more on how this can be done in the following articles.

Is there any power left in Rakitic, Modric, and the other Croatian heroes after a long tournament and lots of extra-time? We will find out, but they seem to have a very high spirit, and that might be what will make them hard to beat in the final as well.

No team has managed to beat France so far in the tournament, and it has been very hard to score goals against France. Will Croatia manage to crack their defense wide open?

How to watch England – Croatia on ITV? [FIFA World Cup 2018]

England will play against Croatia in the World Cup semi-final on July 11th. The match will start at 19.00 GMT. Do you want to watch England – Croatia on ITV from abroad?

Some people were worried about ITV bringing bad luck for the English team before the 1/8-final in the World Cup against Colombia. Luckily, there were no reasons to worry, and England has made their way to the semi-final in a quite comfortable way. Their quarter-final against Sweden was an easy win, which should result in the players being full of power before this match.

How to watch England - Croatia on ITV

Croatia, on the other side, will come to the semi-final with two long matches in their legs. Both their 1/8-final against Denmark, and the quarter-final against Russia ended with penalty-shootouts. Maybe England will have a small advantage because of this, but again, the Croatian stars have long experience and play in the best teams in the world, so they shouldn’t have much trouble playing this match.

Are you looking for a way to watch England – Croatia on ITV?

It is very easy to watch England – Croatia on ITV in England. This is what you need to do.

  1. If you live in England, simply visit and watch the match.
  2. If you are abroad, visit the ExpressVPN website, sign up for their services for one month, download their client and connect to a server in England.
  3. Now visit the ITV website and create a user (if you haven’t got a registered user yet).
  4. You are now ready to watch England – Croatia on ITV.

For even more detailed instructions, read this article (in which you can also find out how to watch the match on iOS and Android systems).

It will be a fantastic semi-final, and of course, we will cheer for England. It would be great to see England in a World Cup final for the first time since 1966. It would be well-deserved!

The match will be played at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, the same stadium which will be used for the very final on July 15th!

Watch Russia – Croatia online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Both Russia and Croatia earned their place in the World Cup quarter-finals after winning a penalty shootout. Which team will win this match? Watch Russia – Croatia online!

Russia has earned themselves a place in the World Cup quarter-final without impressing much so far. But, who should complain at a team that actually won against Spain in the 1/8-final after penalties? I will not complain, that is impressing, no matter what!

Watch Russia - Croatia online
Watch Russia – Croatia online

Croatia has played great football so far in the tournament, even though they didn’t impress that much against Denmark in the 1/8-final. To be honest, it could just as well be Denmark playing this match, because they would have earned the victory of the match just as much as Croatia did. But, Modric and his teammates won, and now they will play the quarter-final against Russia, the host nation. Can they beat them?

Watch Russia – Croatia online

If you want to watch Russia – Croatia online, follow the instructions in this article. There you can read detailed instructions on how to watch the match on ITV/BBC in England, and if you follow those, you can also watch the rest of the matches in the FIFA World Cup online. Are you ready?

Can Russia make it to the semi-final? I hope not, because I cheer for Croatia, but in the World Cup, anything can happen!

Watch Denmark – Croatia online [FIFA World Cup]

Denmark will play against Croatia in the World Cup on July 1st. The match will start at 20.00. How can I watch Denmark – Croatia online?

Watch Denmark - Croatia online
Watch Denmark – Croatia online

Croatia is one of the few teams that have impressed throughout all their matches in the World Cup so far. They won against Nigeria, they won against Argentina, and they won against Iceland. Their captain, Luka Modric, has done a great job so far!

Denmark hasn’t impressed as much as Croatia, but they have performed well, and they are happy to be there in the knockout stage. But, will they be able to beat Croatia? It is a tough nut to crack, but can Åge Hareide lead his team to victory against Croatia? It is possible. Are you going to watch Denmark – Croatia online?

How to watch Denmark – Croatia online!

There are several ways to stream Denmark – Croatia online. If you cheer for Denmark, you should watch on Danish TV. Press the links beneath for information about the TV channel you are interested in.

The instructions will help you watch those channels, no matter where you are in the world.

Who do you think will win?