How can I watch Denmark vs Belgium online (Euro 2020 – June 17.)

The European Championship in football is exciting, but it has also placed things in perspective. Denmark lost their first match against Finland, but in the end, nobody really cared, because they all considered the fact that Christian Eriksen was alive to be way more important. So, who really cares about Euro 2020, when one of their players almost died in the middle of the field?

But, Denmark will still play against Belgium in Copenhagen on June 17. and Belgium can secure themselves a spot in the knockout stage by winning this match. But, if Denmark is to have a chance, they need to get at least one point in this match, but the best would be if they would win the match. Do they have a chance against Belgium, one of the best teams in the world?

denmark - belgium online

Would you like to watch Denmark – Belgium online? This is how it can be done!

Watch Denmark – Belgium on the Internet

There are several ways to watch the match between Denmark and Belgium on the Internet. The easiest solution is the following.

  • Purchase a VPN subscription to NordVPN (click the link to visit the NordVPN website).
  • Download the VPN application and connect to a server in Switzerland.
  • Visit and register a free account.
  • Watch the live stream of Denmark – Belgium on SRF in Switzerland or on ITV/BBC in the UK (all the streams are available on the Zattoo interface).

Wasn’t that easy? You need the NordVPN subscription in order to get a local IP address in Switzerland, which is required to watch the content on the Zattoo platform. Isn’t that just beautiful? You can use the same strategy to watch every match from the European Championship in football online, so this is really awesome.

In fact, you can also use NordVPN to watch Copa America on BBC on the Zattoo website, meaning that you can watch Messi, Suarez, Aguero, and Neymar as they play for their countries in a tournament very similar to the European Championship in football, only that it is arranged in Southern America (in Brazil).

Are you ready to watch the European Championship in football online? You can find even more instructions and a full schedule at the following page.

Do you think Denmark has a chance against Belgium?

Do you believe Denmark has a chance against Belgium? Or is this tournament really lost for Denmark, a nation that is happy just to know that Christian Eriksen is alive? Belgium won 3-0 against Russia in their opening match after two goals from Romelu Lukako! Do you believe Denmark will be able to stop the team. Kevin de Bruyne isn’t playing due to injury, but they still seem to be incredibly strong. I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you have any trouble watching the match between Denmark and Belgium online, write a comment and I will do my best to help!

Watch Denmark – Croatia online [FIFA World Cup]

Denmark will play against Croatia in the World Cup on July 1st. The match will start at 20.00. How can I watch Denmark – Croatia online?

Watch Denmark - Croatia online
Watch Denmark – Croatia online

Croatia is one of the few teams that have impressed throughout all their matches in the World Cup so far. They won against Nigeria, they won against Argentina, and they won against Iceland. Their captain, Luka Modric, has done a great job so far!

Denmark hasn’t impressed as much as Croatia, but they have performed well, and they are happy to be there in the knockout stage. But, will they be able to beat Croatia? It is a tough nut to crack, but can Åge Hareide lead his team to victory against Croatia? It is possible. Are you going to watch Denmark – Croatia online?

How to watch Denmark – Croatia online!

There are several ways to stream Denmark – Croatia online. If you cheer for Denmark, you should watch on Danish TV. Press the links beneath for information about the TV channel you are interested in.

The instructions will help you watch those channels, no matter where you are in the world.

Who do you think will win? 

Watch Denmark – France online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

On June 26th Denmark will play against France in Moscow. Would you like to watch Denmark – France online? Read more to find out how it can be done!

France has won both their group stage matches during the World Cup in football so far. Denmark won against Peru and played a draw against Australia. Denmark needs only one point to secure their place in the knockout stage, but they might get a place there even by losing against France, as long as Peru grabs at least one point against Australia.

Watch Denmark - France online
Watch Denmark – France online

France hasn’t impressed a lot, but they seem to be a steady and strong team. They have a secure spot in the knockout stage, but they are for sure eager to win the group in front of Denmark). Both teams will, therefore, be happy with a draw, but neither of the teams will be happy about losing.

We hope it will be an action-packed match, but it can easily turn into a boring one. So, how can you watch Denmark – France on the Internet?

Watch Denmark – France on the Internet

There are several ways to watch Denmark vs. France online. If you are a fan of Denmark, you should watch it on Danish TV. If you cheer for France, watch it on French TV. If you are a supporter of the English language, watch it on ITV in England.

Who do you think will win? I will, of course, cheer for Denmark, but my guess is that the match will end 1-1.

Why Denmark vs. Peru will be such an interesting match!

Yesterday I published my list presenting the three most interesting group stage matches in the World Cup 2018. Since then I read some comments on Reddit, and one of them was about the Denmark vs. Peru match, and I was intrigued!

It was in the following thread on Reddit that some people started discussing my article on the top three group stage matches in the World Cup. It was a comment made by a guy that said “Agree these are all excellent games, but, I think Peru v. Denmark will be interesting. Both going in with 15 games without a loss.” That sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

The discussion went on, and it was discovered that they haven’t played 15 matches with losing, but it was quite close. Take a look at the following stats presenting the last matches of Denmark.

Denmark vs. Peru will for sure be an interesting match!
Denmark vs. Peru will for sure be an interesting match!

Denmarks last matches

Mexico, June 9th, 2-0
Sweden, June 2nd, 0-0
Chile, March 27th, 0-0
Panama, March 22nd, 1-0

Ireland, November 14th, 5-1
Ireland, November 11th, 0-0
Romania, October 8th, 1-1
Montenegro, October 5th, 1-0
Armenia, September 4th, 4-1
Poland, September 1st, 4-0
Kazakhstan, June 10th, 3-1
Romania, March 26th, 0-0

Kazakhstan, November 11th, 4-1
Montenegro, October 11th, 0-1

If you take a look at the list you can see that Denmark has not lost a match since October 11th in 2016 against Montenegro. And yes, that is 14 matches ago. So, what’s up with Peru?

Peru’s last matches

Sweden – June 9th, 0-0
Saudi Arabia – June 3rd, 3-0
Scotland, May 30th, 2-0
Iceland, March 28th, 3-1
Croatia, March 24th, 2-0

New Zealand, November 15th, 2-0
New Zealand, November 11th, 0-0
Colombia, October 11th, 1-1
Argentina, October 6th, 0-0
Ecuador, September 5th, 2-1
Bolivia, September 1st, 2-1
Uruguay, March 29th, 2-1
Venezuela, March 24th, 2-2

Brazil, November 16th, 2-0

Peru hasn’t lost a match since November 16th in 2016 when they played against Brazil. That is 14 matches ago.

What can we expect from Denmark vs. Peru?

As Denmark and Peru march onto the Mordovia Arena on June 16th at 18.00 (CET) we will see two teams who have forgotten what it is like to lose (almost). Denmark hasn’t lost a match since 2016, and neither has Peru. What effect will this have on the teams? I am not sure if the players care about stats like this, but it probably means that both squads are filled with self-confidence.

Both teams have played against Sweden in the last weeks, and both teams played 0-0 against Sweden. It doesn’t have to mean a lot, but it might show us an image of a match that will be tough, close, and without a lot of goals. Denmark has their general Christian Eriksen, and with him, they are capable of almost everything. On a good day, Denmark can beat Poland 4-0 and Ireland 5-1, making them a team able to score lots of goals. Peru is a bit more modest when it comes to scoring goals, but this can easily turn into a match that will end with a 2-2 result. But, my fear says that it is more likely to end with 0-0.

Denmark has no big profiles next to Christian Eriksen, and Peru has no big stars either. But, they do have Edison Flores. Who is he? He might not be a famous guy, but he plays for AaB in Denmark, making him a guy with lots of knowledge of Danish football, something that might come in handy before and during the match.

Denmark will play against Peru at the Mordovia Arena
Denmark will play against Peru at the Mordovia Arena

Playing at the brand new Mordovia Arena

The match will be played at the brand new Mordovia Arena, a venue built for the FIFA World Cup. It has a capacity for 44,000 people, but once the tournament has ended, they will reduce the capacity to 28,000. The stadium is located in the city of Saransk, located about 650km from Moscow. The city has a population of a bit more than 300,000 people.

How can I watch Denmark – Australia online?

Denmark will play against Australia on June 21st in Samara. Denmark is favorites to win, but Australia is never an easy opponent to play against.

Would you like to watch the match between Denmark and Australia on the Internet? It is very easy to do so. There are lots of TV channels broadcasting the match, for example, DR/TV2 in Denmark. They have streams available online showing the match, the only requirement is that you need to be in Denmark. If you live outside Denmark but want to watch the match on Danish TV, find out how to watch the Football World Cup online on Danish TV abroad here.

Denmark vs Australia online

But, there are other options if you want the commentators to speak English. The best way is to watch the match on ITV/BBC in England. Both channels are free, you only need to follow these instructions if you live outside England.

The match will start at 17.00 CET, that is local time in Central Europe (in which Denmark is included). If you live in England, the match will start at 16.00. What about those living in Australia? Poor people, they will have to wake up at 02.00 in the night to watch this match. But, it will for sure be worth it, at least if Leckie and the other Australian heroes manage to grab one point or three. The question, however, is: Will Australia be able to stop Christian Eriksen?

Can Australia stop Christan Eriksen?

There are rumors that Christian Eriksen is wanted by Real Madrid. That is understandable, because he is a fantastic player, and he has had a fantastic season in Tottenham behind him. If he keeps up the good work in the World Cup, he will be a hot piece of meat during the World Cup as well. Will Australia be able to stop him? We doubt it!

The match will be played in Samara, a city more than 1000km away from Moscow. More than 1,000,000 people live in Samara, and the stadium on which Denmark will play against Australia has space for 45,000 people!