Watch Nigeria – Iceland online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Nigeria disappointed in their first match in the World Cup 2018, while Iceland impressed. But, is Iceland the favorites to win this match? Not really! Watch Nigeria – Iceland online!

Before the start of the tournament, Iceland did not impress in their friendly matches. Their opponents scored a lot of goals against them, and they didn’t win any of their matches. But then the tournament started, and they started to play football like we know they are capable of. And their opponent was no other team than one of the big favorites in the tournament, Argentina.

Watch Iceland - Nigeria online

The team from Iceland impressed with good defensive football, fueled with some fantastic attacks. When Argentina scored the first goal in the match and got in the lead with 1-0, I never thought Iceland would be able to get back into the match. I thought Iceland would turn into a disaster, and the match would end with 4-0 to Argentina. But, I did not have to wait for more than 4 minutes before Iceland got back into the match and 1-1 was the result. Later in the match, Lionel Messi got the chance to send Argentina back into the lead on a penalty, but the Icelandic keeper did a magnificent save, and thus the match ended 1-1.

Watch Iceland – Nigeria online

Would you like to stream Iceland – Nigeria online? I do, and I know several ways in which it can be done. If you cheer for the Icelandic team, then you should stream the match on the channel RUV in Iceland.

Would you rather stream the match on ITV or BBC in England? Read my instructions on how to stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 on BBC / ITV from abroad here.

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Can Nigeria rise after their first match?

Nigeria has been one of the greatest disappointments so far in the tournament. But, it is never easy to be the opponent of Croatia, as they have a fantastic team with great discipline, and thus it was a hard start on the tournament for Nigeria. But, they will have more space against a defensive team from Iceland, so maybe this will be their chance to grab some points and get back on track in the World Cup 2018?

What do you think? Will Iceland win this match?

Iceland seems a bit rusty before the World Cup

Iceland is a small nation with a giant heart. The Icelandic players play with their hearts on the outside, and they fight till the very end for their nation. Can they compete with the best in the FIFA World Cup?

Iceland will play in group D in the World Cup. This is the worst of all groups, but at the same time the most interesting group. They will play against Argentina in their opening match, followed by matches against Croatia and Nigeria. Do the Icelandic vikings have any chance at all in this group?

Can Iceland surprise

Based on the results of the Icelandic team in the last four years, I would clearly say that they have a chance. In the European Championship in 2016 they ended up second in their group, behind Hungary, but before Portugal (the nation that later won the entire tournament). In the first leg of the knockout stage they won 2-1 against England, but in the quarter final France stopped them.

During the qualification for the World Cup Iceland kept on impressing. They won matches against Turkey, Croatia and Ukraine, but they also had some poorer results, like when they lost against Finland.

The biggest challenge for Iceland right now

The Icelandic team is happy to have their playmaker Gylfi Sigurdsson back after injury. But, is that enough to lift the team to a new level? In their last four matches Iceland has lost 3-0 against Mexico, 3-1 against Peru, 3-2 against Norway and they played 2-2 against Ghana yesterday. What is most alarming with the results are the amount of goals they get against them. Until now, Iceland has been known for their compact defense, and it has always been hard to score goals against them. But, in their last 4 matches Iceland has had to take the ball out of their own net 11 times. That is way to much, and their first opponent in the World Cup, Argentina, will for sure punish Iceland if their defense is unable to keep it together.

And, I have a feeling that the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be a sad tournament for the Icelandic team. They have had some great victories, but now they would need a whole lot of luck if they are going to succeed.

If you want to see cool football, you should probably cheer for Nigeria and Argentina instead. Iceland plays well disciplined (that is boring) football, but in the end the results are what counts.

What do you think… has Iceland got any chance at all in the FIFA World Cup?


Watch Iceland – Argentina online

June 16th at 15.00 (CET) Iceland will play against Argentina in the FIFA World Cup. The match will be played in Moscow, and most people agree that Argentina is expected to win the match. But, how can you stream Iceland – Argentina online?

Watch Argentina vs Iceland online
Watch Argentina vs Iceland online

Iceland has some fantastic years behind them as a football nation. It all started with their former coach Lars Lagerbeck. He managed to get the team to the European Championship in 2016, and there the entire world got to hear and see the Icelandic Viking roar. They got all the way till the quarter final in the tournament (after beating England in the best of 16 match), but France was a too tough opponent in the quarter final. Still, the Icelandic team returned to Iceland as heroes.

Now, two years later, the team has managed to qualify for the World Cup as well. They played impressive football during the qualification stage, but they shouldn’t have much chance against Argentina still. Their opponent is one of the best football nations in the world, and you can be sure that Messi is hungry to win a trophy with his home-nation. Iceland has seem very rusty in their defense in their latest matches, and if anyone know how to exploit such weaknesses it is Argentina and Messi.

Watch Iceland – Argentina online

The best way to watch Iceland – Argentina online is by streaming it on the official websites of the TV channel ITV in England. You can read more on how to stream the FIFA World Cup on ITV in this article. The instructions there will also help you watch all the other FIFA World Cup matches online, so use five minutes to read through and follow the instructions, you will not regret doing so!

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