How to watch Brazil – Mexico online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Mexico had a fantastic start on the World Cup but got a punch in their face against Sweden. Brazil started slowly, but they are getting there. Who will win, Brazil or Mexico?

Group F caused the biggest surprise so far in the tournament. Nobody expected Sweden to win the group in front of Mexico, but that is what happened, and now the tournament will move on without Germany.

watch brazil - mexico online
watch brazil – mexico online

Brazil won group E, without impressing a lot. They played better and better, and in the end, they did quite well against Serbia. But, more is required from the Brazilians if they want to make it all the way to the final. Mexico will not be an easy opponent for them, in fact, I think Mexico might give them a bigger challenge than most people would expect.

Watch Brazil – Mexico online

Brazil has millions of fans worldwide, simply because they are Brazil. If you want to cheer for Brazil and understand Portuguese, then you should watch the match on RTP in Portugal. If you prefer the English language, watch the match on ITV / BBC in England. Click the links beneath for more information on how it can be done.

The match will be played on July 2nd in Samara, and it will start at 16.00 CET. 

Who do you think will win? I hope for Brazilian samba-football and a well-deserved victory for Brazil in the end, but if Mexico can keep up their play from the start of the tournament, it will become a close race.

Watch Mexico – South Korea online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

One of the biggest surprises in the first leg of the group stage was Mexico’s win against Germany. Can they continue their impressive football against South Korea?

Few people expected Mexico to be able to beat Germany in their opening match. In fact, most people thought it would turn into an easy win for Germany. It didn’t, and now Mexico has a fantastic chance to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018 knockout stage.

Mexico - South Korea online

If Mexico can beat South Korea in this match they will already have a sure spot in the knockout stage, and considering how they played against Germany, they should have a good chance at beating South Korea.

The South Koreans played fairly well against Sweden, but they were unlucky, and did not score the goal they needed to at least get a draw. For them this match is their own dooms-day, meaning that they need to grab at least one point to have any chance at all to qualify for the knockout stage. Few people expect South Korea to have a chance to get to the knockout stage, no matter what, but if they want to have a theoretical chance, they need to get at least one point in this match.

Watch Mexico – South Korea online

There are several TV channels that will stream Mexico – South Korea worldwide. You can only watch those TV channels in their given nations, but if you press the name of the TV channel you are interested in beneath, you will find out how you can get access to, and stream that channel all across the world.

Press the link you might be interested in, and have fun watching Mexico – South Korea online.

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How to watch Germany vs. Mexico online?

Germany will play their first match in the FIFA World Cup against Mexico on June 17th at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. How can I watch Germany – Mexico online?

The opening match will be an important match for both teams. Germany is the favorites to win, but we all know that Mexico is a great team as well.  How can you watch the match on the Internet?

germany vs mexico online

We have already written an article on how to watch the World Cup online, so I suggest that you read that for specific instructions. Read the article, follow the instructions and you will be ready to watch Germany – Mexico online on German TV easily (no matter where you might be in the world).

Germany is favorites to win this match, but we all know that Mexico has some stunning players capable of performing magic on the field. For Germany, only three points can be considered a good result, while Mexico will be happy to bring one point home from this match. But, this is a FIFA World Cup, and anything can happen.

Who do you think will win – Germany or Mexico?