Neymar is back with great power!

On June 3rd Brazil played against Croatia in a friendly match preparing both teams for the FIFA World Cup. Both teams played good football, and both teams proved that they have something to give in the World Cup.

The biggest star on the field in the match was Neymar. He has just returned from injury, and he returned with power. If you haven’t seen his goal yet, take a look at it in the video beneath. He just shot the ball so hard into the net, it is a miracle it didn’t create a big hole in it.

Back in 2014 Brazil and Croatia played the opening match of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Brazil won the match 2-1, but lots of people were unsatisfied with the judge who they felt ruled the game in Brazilian advantage. Yesterday both teams had a fair amount of chances, and Croatia actually played very well. But, Brazil has Neymar, and with Neymar comes to magic. If he can keep it up like that, then Brazil might have a fantastic chance at succeeding in the World Cup. We for sure hope they do because few teams play as cool football as Brazil does.

Neymar is back on track and he scored against Croatia on June 3rd
Neymar is back on track and he scored against Croatia on June 3rd

Croatia will play their opening match in the FIFA World Cup against Nigeria on June 16th, while Brazil will play against Switzerland on June 17th. Nigeria played against England and lost 2-1 this Saturday. I watched most of the match, and I must say that Nigeria is a cool team to watch. They will for sure be punished for their mistakes, but they are cool to watch. They will, however, against a disciplined and well-playing team like Croatia probably lose their opening match.

Switzerland played against Spain yesterday evening and the match ended 1-1. There are quite a lot of similarities between Spain and Brazil when it comes to style, but Brazil is even more attacking, while Spain is more disciplined in their defensive play. Switzerland is a nation hard to beat, but we believe that some Neymar magic will break the defense down, and thus Switzerland will be forced to attack. For that reason, the end result could easily turn into a 1-1, 2-2 or 3-1! What do you think?

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