Watch Russia – Croatia online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Both Russia and Croatia earned their place in the World Cup quarter-finals after winning a penalty shootout. Which team will win this match? Watch Russia – Croatia online!

Russia has earned themselves a place in the World Cup quarter-final without impressing much so far. But, who should complain at a team that actually won against Spain in the 1/8-final after penalties? I will not complain, that is impressing, no matter what!

Watch Russia - Croatia online
Watch Russia – Croatia online

Croatia has played great football so far in the tournament, even though they didn’t impress that much against Denmark in the 1/8-final. To be honest, it could just as well be Denmark playing this match, because they would have earned the victory of the match just as much as Croatia did. But, Modric and his teammates won, and now they will play the quarter-final against Russia, the host nation. Can they beat them?

Watch Russia – Croatia online

If you want to watch Russia – Croatia online, follow the instructions in this article. There you can read detailed instructions on how to watch the match on ITV/BBC in England, and if you follow those, you can also watch the rest of the matches in the FIFA World Cup online. Are you ready?

Can Russia make it to the semi-final? I hope not, because I cheer for Croatia, but in the World Cup, anything can happen!

Watch Russia – Spain online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Can Russia surprise and beat Spain already in the first match of the knockout stage? Find out as you watch Russia – Spain online. This is how it can be done.

Russia had a good start in the FIFA World Cup, but against Uruguay, it suddenly stopped. They had their chances, and they could have had some luck and scored a goal, but all in all… the true face of Russia showed in the match against Uruguay.

Watch Russia vs Spain online
Watch Russia vs Spain online

Based on their performance, they shouldn’t have any chance against Spain, but Spain didn’t exactly impress against Morocco either. Since it is the knockout stage, anything can happen, but we are quite sure that Spain will win this match.

There is, however, a danger that this will be a match with lots of yellow cards, and maybe even some reds. If Russia gets in a bad mood, I am afraid they will start playing ugly, and the temper will be high on the field. What do you think?

How to watch Russia – Spain online?

If you want to watch Russia vs. Spain online, there are several TV channels broadcasting the match. It can, in fact, be streamed in almost all the nations of the world, so it should be quite easy to turn on your TV and to watch. But, if you want to watch it on a specific channel, here are some of the channels broadcast the match. Press the links for more information on how to watch that specific channel no matter where you might be in the world.

Press the link you are interested in and have a fantastic time watching Russia vs. Spain online.

What do you think will be the final result of the match between Russia and Spain? Our guess is a 3-1 victory for Spain!

Watch Uruguay – Russia online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Both Uruguay and Russia have secured their spot in the World Cup 2018 knockout stage. But, is Russia as good as they seem? Watch Uruguay – Russia online!

Russia wasn’t at all among the favorites in front of the FIFA World Cup 2018. They are still an outsider, but they have impressed in their two first matches. Today will be the first time they meet a worthy opponent, Uruguay. Suarez and his mates from Uruguay haven’t impressed at all in the tournament, but they still come with two victories, and they should be able to give Russia a real fight about the points.

Uruguay - Russia online

Neither of the teams will have an easy way in the knockout stage, as the both Russia and Uruguay will be out to play against Spain and Portugal in the knockout stage. And, since Russia and Uruguay will play before Spain and Portugal later tonight, they do not know which team they will play against no matter what.

But, the most interesting about tonight’s match will be if Uruguay finally can start to impress, or if Russia can continue their express train towards the knockout stage and win 2-0, 3-0 or even more today as well!

Watch Uruguay – Russia online

There are several ways to watch Uruguay – Russia online today! Press the links beneath for more information about the TV channels broadcasting the match and how you can stream those online easily.

Have a good time streaming Uruguay vs. Portugal online. And, if you follow the instructions in the articles linked to above, you will also be able to stream all the other FIFA World Cup matches online.

Watch Russia – Egypt online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

On June 19th Russia will play against Egypt in the FIFA World Cup. The match will be played in St. Petersburg. How can you watch Russia – Egypt online?

Russia had a fantastic start on the World Cup as they won 5-0 against Saudi Arabia. Lots of people say that the result tells us more about the quality of Saudi Arabia than it does about the quality of Russia. Whether or not that is true is unknown, but in this match, we will get a better look at the Russian team.

egypt vs russia online

Egypt lost 1-0 against Uruguay in their first match. Unfortunately, Salah did not play in the opening match, but hopefully, he will be on the field again in this match against Russia. Egypt played fairly well against Uruguay, but it was a well-deserved victory for Uruguay, no matter what. But, if Egypt can play like they did against Uruguay, this should not be an easy win for Russia, and we believe this might be a match much like the Uruguay – Egypt match, close and with few goals.

Watch Russia – Egypt online

There are several ways to watch Russia – Egypt online. The easiest way is to stream it on ITV/BBC in the UK, but you can also stream it easily on TV channels all across Europe. Press the links beneath for instructions on the method you are interested in.

Let us hope we will get a fantastic match as Russia play against Egypt in St. Petersburg. If Russia wins this match, they have already secured themselves a place in the knockout stage. This will for sure give the team inspiration to play, but Egypt is dreaming about grabbing some points in this match, so it won’t be easy.

How to watch Russia vs. Saudi Arabia online?

The first match in the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played between Russia and Saudi Arabia on June 14th in Moscow. Would you like to watch Russia – Saudi Arabia online?

Russia vs Saudi Arabia online

We have been waiting for the FIFA World Cup 2018 kick-off for four years. That is when the last FIFA World Cup was arranged in Brazil, and now it is time for a new tournament. Can Germany win the World Cup again, or can Argentina, Brazil, Spain, or maybe England win? Few people believe that Russia or Saudi Arabia will have any big chance to get far in this tournament, but with the home audience cheering for them, Russia can surprise.

But, how can you stream Russia – Saudi Arabia online on June 14th, live from Moscow?

It is very easy, and this is how it can be done!

Watch Russia – Saudi Arabia online

  • You can watch the match on ITV in the UK!
    (ITV is a TV channel that together with BBC in the UK will broadcast all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches). 
  • To watch ITV online (outside the UK) you need a subscription to the VPN services of ExpressVPN.
    (If you first sign up, you can use the same method to watch all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches).
  • Visit the ExpressVPN website, sign up for their services, and download their ExpressVPN client.
    (ExpressVPN will let you watch ITV in Windows, on Mac, tablets and telephones).
  • Connect to a server in the UK with ExpressVPN, visit the ITV website, create a user at their website (free), and start streaming.

Would you like the same instructions, just in a more detailed way? You can find detailed instructions on how to watch the FIFA World Cup on ITV and BBC on all sorts of devices in the following article.

Enjoy watching Russia – Saudi Arabia online in the opening match of the FIFA World Cup!