Watch Sweden – Switzerland online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Sweden is one of the biggest surprises so far in the World Cup. Their 3-0 victory against Mexico was impressing. Can they beat Switzerland on July 3rd? Watch Sweden – Switzerland online!

How to Watch Sweden - Switzerland online
Watch Sweden – Switzerland online

Switzerland is one of those teams that are simply hard to beat. They might not be the best team, but no teams have won against Switzerland so far in the tournament. Sweden is a similar team, but they are even tougher. The Viking blood is flowing through their veins, and they can beat even the hardest opponent. When things get tough, Sweden gets tougher.

That is why we wouldn’t be surprised to see Sweden win this match. If they can beat Mexico 3-0, Switzerland shouldn’t be an impossible opponent.

Want to watch Sweden – Switzerland online? This is how it can be done!

How to watch Sweden – Switzerland online!

There are three ways to watch the match online that we can warmly recommend. If you cheer for Sweden, watch it on SVT / TV4 in Sweden. If you cheer for Switzerland, watch it on SRF in Switzerland. If you just want to watch the match, watch it on ITV / BBC in England. Click the links beneath for more information on how to stream this match on the mentioned channels no matter where you might be in the world.

We hope and cheer for Sweden. Who do you think will win the match?


Watch Serbia – Switzerland online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

The match between Serbia and Switzerland will be one of the most interesting matches in the second leg of the group stage in the World Cup 2018. Is it possible to stream Serbia – Switzerland online? How?

This is a match that has become very interesting after the first match of the World Cup 2018 group stage. Serbia is coming to the match with three points, meaning that they will get a safe spot in the knockout stage if they beat Switzerland. The opponent from the alps played impressive defensive football against Brazil, and any team capable of stealing points from Brazil is a good team.

Serbia - Switzerland online

Serbia is in need of at least one point to have a feeling of safety before their last group stage match against Brazil. Switzerland is in need of at least one point to be in the game for a spot in the knockout stage. So, what do we make up of that? Both teams will be defensive, they will take few chances when it comes to attacking, and thus… this might turn into a slow and boring match. But, let us hope for an early goal to one of the teams, and thus the other team will be forced to attack, and we will get a colorful and cool match in Kaliningrad on June 22nd. The match will be played at 20.00 CET.

Watch Serbia – Switzerland online

The coolest way to watch Serbia – Switzerland online if you are a Switzerland supporter is on the TV channel SRF in Switzerland. It is quite easy to stream SRF, no matter where you might be in the world. You can read more about how to watch the FIFA World Cup on SRF from abroad in this article.

Would you rather watch Serbia – Switzerland with English speaking commentators on BBC or ITV in England? That can be done easily, and I have written step-by-step instructions on how it can be done in this article.

Who do you think will win the match between Serbia and Switzerland? I do not really know, but I do know that it will be a very interesting match and that I look very much forward to watching it!


Watch Brazil – Switzerland online

Brazil has had an amazing preparation for the World Cup. They won 2-0 against Croatia and 3-0 against Austria. But, will they keep up the good play when it really counts? How to watch Brazil – Switzerland online!

Brazil will play their first match in the FIFA World Cup on June 17th against the team supposed to be the second best in the same group, Switzerland. We all know that Switzerland is a solid team, but Brazil seems to be able to beat any team in the world at the moment, especially as long as Neymar keeps up with his amazing play.

brazil vs switzerland

Neymar has scored in both of their last matches before the tournament, against both Croatia and Switzerland. And, even though Austria didn’t even manage to qualify for the World Cup, we should not forget that they won 2-1 against Germany on June 2nd (8 days ago). So, they are not a bad team, and that makes the 3-0 victory of Brazil even better.

Switzerland is also a great team, and they played 1-1 against Spain on June 3rd. Then on June 8th they won 2-0 against Japan, meaning that Switzerland seems to be a strong nation as well based on their warm-up matches. But, who will win the match on June 17th? Find out as you stream Brazil – Switzerland online!

Watch Brazil – Switzerland online

If you want to watch Brazil – Switzerland online, take a look at our detailed instructions on how to watch the entire FIFA World Cup online by pressing the link beneath.

As you press the link and read the article you will find out how you can stream all the different matches online. And, if you want to know even more stuff related to the FIFA World Cup, check out our World Cup blog with daily articles and interesting updates.