How to watch France – Uruguay online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

The first quarter-final in the World Cup 2018 will be played between France and Uruguay. Both teams impressed in the 1/8-final, but only one of them will make it to the semi-final.

watch france - uruguay online

Both teams did well in the 1/8-final, but the 4-3 victory of France against Argentina was probably the most entertaining experience. It was an awesome match, and the only match that can be compared with France – Argentina match so far in the tournament was the Spain – Portugal match on the second day of the tournament.

But, the big difference in the France – Argentina match wasn’t Lionel Messi, but it was Mbappe. He ran like Usain Bolt, and he did magic with the ball. If he can keep it up against Uruguay, Godin will have a hard time as the general of the Uruguayan defense line. But, not only did Mbappe perform well, so did Edison Cavani for Uruguay. He didn’t do a lot, but he scored two great goals, and he knows has a total of three so far in the tournament.

Watch France – Uruguay online

Would you like to watch France – Uruguay online? There are several ways to watch the match, but here are the best options.

Click the link for more information on the version you are interested in. You will in the different articles find information on how to stream the match online on the different mentioned channels.

Who do you think will win? So far the World Cup has been great with lots of goals, but will the teams start with a more defensive football as the end draws near? Hopefully not! I believe the match will end with a 3-1 victory for France!


Watch Uruguay – Portugal online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Uruguay will play against Portugal in the World Cup 2018 on June 30th, match starting at 20.00 CET. They will play at the Olympic Stadium in Sochi. Want to stream Uruguay – Portugal online?

Uruguay had a slow start on the FIFA World Cup, but in their match against Russia, they started to impress. Portugal had a great start of the tournament against Spain but has slowed down a bit since then. But, when Uruguay and Portugal march onto the grass of the Olympics Stadium in Sochi, this is getting serious. Will Luis Suarez and Uruguay secure a spot in the quarter-final of the World Cup, or will Ronaldo and Portugal proceed to the quarter-final?

Watch Portugal vs Uruguay online
Watch Portugal vs Uruguay online

I would say that this is a totally open match, and anything can happen. Both teams have quality players, but the biggest profile is, of course, Ronaldo. But, Uruguay has Cavani, and they have got Suarez. In their defense, they have Godin, a guy who plays for Atletico Madrid, and he has long experience of stopping Ronaldo. This will be a thriller, and I look so much forward to watch it!

How to watch Uruguay – Portugal online?

Here I will list some of the TV channels that will broadcast Uruguay vs. Portugal online. Simply click the link of the TV station you are interested in and you will find instructions on how to watch that TV station online, no matter where you are in the world.

This will be an awesome match, and I cannot wait for it to start. But, earlier on June 30th, France will play against Argentina, and that will also be an awesome match. I cannot wait for the knockout stage to start!

Which team do you believe will win, Uruguay or Portugal?

Watch Uruguay – Russia online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Both Uruguay and Russia have secured their spot in the World Cup 2018 knockout stage. But, is Russia as good as they seem? Watch Uruguay – Russia online!

Russia wasn’t at all among the favorites in front of the FIFA World Cup 2018. They are still an outsider, but they have impressed in their two first matches. Today will be the first time they meet a worthy opponent, Uruguay. Suarez and his mates from Uruguay haven’t impressed at all in the tournament, but they still come with two victories, and they should be able to give Russia a real fight about the points.

Uruguay - Russia online

Neither of the teams will have an easy way in the knockout stage, as the both Russia and Uruguay will be out to play against Spain and Portugal in the knockout stage. And, since Russia and Uruguay will play before Spain and Portugal later tonight, they do not know which team they will play against no matter what.

But, the most interesting about tonight’s match will be if Uruguay finally can start to impress, or if Russia can continue their express train towards the knockout stage and win 2-0, 3-0 or even more today as well!

Watch Uruguay – Russia online

There are several ways to watch Uruguay – Russia online today! Press the links beneath for more information about the TV channels broadcasting the match and how you can stream those online easily.

Have a good time streaming Uruguay vs. Portugal online. And, if you follow the instructions in the articles linked to above, you will also be able to stream all the other FIFA World Cup matches online.

Watch Uruguay – Saudi Arabia online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Luis Suarez did not impress in his opening match against Iran, but against Saudi Arabia, he will for sure get some new chances to present himself as a goal king. Watch Uruguay – Saudi Arabia online and find out if he will succeed.

I cheered for Egypt in the match against Uruguay, but I knew that it was a well-deserved victory for Uruguay as they finally managed to score in the 89th minute. Before that, Luis Suarez had missed out on all sorts of chances, and it was not a day he will remember with joy for a long time. But, luckily they got the three points in the end, and they have a good position before their second World Cup match against Saudi Arabia.

Uruguay - Saudi Arabia online

The team from Saudi Arabia, with players from their very own league only, looked like teenagers on the field as they played the opening match of the tournament against Russia. If their coach is unable to perform miracles in a couple of days, we expect their match against Uruguay to be just as terrible, and thus we can expect a 5-0 kind of result again. But, that is fun if you cheer for Uruguay, so do not miss out on Uruguay – Saudi Arabia online.

Watch Uruguay – Saudi Arabia online

If you want to stream the match between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia you should follow my instructions on how to watch the FIFA World Cup online. Instead of writing down how it is done twice, I’d rather just have you press the link beneath for detailed instructions on how to watch it.

Press the link most suitable for you, and you will be ready to stream Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia online in a few minutes.

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Watch Egypt – Uruguay online

Uruguay will play against Egypt on June 15th in the FIFA World Cup. Will Salah be ready for the match? Will Suarez grab a bit of someone’s ear again? How can you watch Egypt – Uruguay online?

Egypt vs UruguayOn the second day of the FIFA World Cup most people await the match between Portugal and Spain. These are both potential gold-candidates in the tournaments, and for that reason, lots of people have forgotten about the Salah vs. Suarez battle in the Egypt – Uruguay match.

It is now four years since Suarez took his legendary bite of Chiellini’s ear in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. He got banned from football for quite a long time afterward but has since then had a fantastic career and beautiful years in the city of Barcelona. Together with Neymar and Messi, they were the most feared attackers in Europe. They still are, even though Neymar left Barcelona to play for PSG in Paris.

Salah got injured in the Champions League final after a brutal tackle by Ramos, and we still don’t know if he will be ready for Egypt’s first match in the World Cup yet. Egyptians hope he will get ready, and so do we, because we want the World Cup to show us fantastic matches, and Salah is needed for Egypt to be at their highest level. But, how can you watch Uruguay vs. Egypt online?

Watch Uruguay – Egypt online

  • You can watch the match on ITV in the UK!
    (ITV is a TV channel that together with BBC in the UK will broadcast all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches). 
  • To watch ITV online (outside the UK) you need a subscription to the VPN services of ExpressVPN.
    (If you first sign up, you can use the same method to watch all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches).
  • Visit the ExpressVPN website, sign up for their services, and download their ExpressVPN client.
    (ExpressVPN will let you watch ITV in Windows, on Mac, tablets and telephones).
  • Connect to a server in the UK with ExpressVPN, visit the ITV website, create a user at their website (free), and start streaming.

That is how easy it is to watch Uruguay – Egypt online on ITV in the UK. And yes, you can stream all the other World Cup matches as well using the mentioned method.

It is possible to stream the World Cup on other TV stations as well all across Europe. Would you like to know more about how it can be done? Check the following article in the IP Address Guide.

Who will win: Egypt or Uruguay?

Our guess is that this will be a match ending with a 2-1 victory for Uruguay. But, if Salah gets ready for the match we believe it will end with 2-2 instead. What do you think?