Do not buy FIFA World Cup tickets from second-hand sites like Viagogo, WorldTicketShop, Stubhub etc.

Are you really looking forward to the FIFA World Cup, and want to do anything to be present at one or more matches? Have you considered buying a second-hand ticket from Viagogo, Worldticketshop, StubHub, or some similar site? Think again, and skip it!

If you buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup from FIFA directly, you will not only get your ticket, but also a Fan-ID. This is utterly important because the Fan-ID will serve as your Visa to Russia for the entire time of the FIFA World Cup. But, it is not only your Visa, it is also your “add-on” which needs to be shown together with your ticket to enter the stadium for the actual matches. And this is why it is so risky to buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup from second-hand sellers.

Do you want to see England live in Russia
Want to see England (without Wayne Rooney) in the FIFA World Cup? Watch out and buy your tickets directly from FIFA!

We have an affiliate relationship with Worldticketshop and Viagogo, but before recommending those we wanted to check out if it actually works. And that is when we stumbled upon lots and lots of questions and warning related to buying World Cup tickets from second-hand sites.

It should also be mentioned FIFA have legal agreements against Viagogo, making this the worst of the worst when it comes to ticket sale for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

There are stories of people who have used ticket sites like StubHub, Viagogo, and Worldticketshop and succeeded in getting their hands on both tickets and Fan-ID, but it is a risky sport to do, especially since you need to order flight tickets and hotel in addition. Since you often have to wait for tickets, it is very risky if your FIFA World Cup tickets will be canceled or maybe not arrive on time, because then your entire stay in Russia is at risk!