Watch England – Panama online on BBC from abroad [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Watch England - Panama online

England will play their second match in the FIFA World Cup on June 24th against Panama. Will they get their second win of the tournament? How to watch England – Panama online!

England won their opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2018 against Tunisia without impressing. The only team that impressed us during that match was Tunisia, a team probably a bit sad about losing their good result during the overtime.

Watch England - Panama online
Watch England – Panama online

Luckily for England, they have a goalgetter named Harry Kane, and it was due to him that they managed to win 2-1 in their opening match. But, since they already have one victory in their opening match, I do hope that England will feel more comfortable and safe in this match. The consequence of that would be that they could play better, cooler, and more relaxed football. If they do, Panama should be an easy opponent to beat!

Panama isn’t a bad team, but they do not have a good team either. They play tough football, they can play ugly football, and defensive football. The longer they manage to keep the score at 0-0, the harder it will become for England. But, I believe that England will score after 10-20 minutes in this match, and after that it will be a quite boring match to watch, as Panama will stand without a chance against England, so instead they will just focus on defense and not letting England score more goals. What do you think?

Watch England – Panama on BBC from abroad

If you want to watch England vs. Panama on BBC from abroad, this is what you need to do.

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