Watch England vs. Tunisia on ITV from abroad

england vs tunisia online

England will start their performance in the FIFA World Cup as they play against Tunisia on June 18th. The match will start at 19.00 GMT. How can you watch England – Tunisia on ITV from abroad?

england vs tunisia online

You probably know this already, but ITV and BBC will broadcast all the FIFA World Cup matches in the UK. Both channels have free streams available, but if you try to watch England vs. Tunisia, and any other FIFA World Cup match online on the ITV/BBC website while living abroad, you will not be allowed to do so. Instead, you will get an error message saying that it is impossible due to your geographical location. Luckily this is something that can be fixed easily. In order to stream England vs. Tunisia online on ITV, check out this article and follow the instructions.

If you read the article and follow the instructions you should be ready to stream England – Tunisia on ITV in approximately 5 minutes. And, you will be ready to stream all other FIFA World Cup matches online on BBC and ITV as well.

How much will England win against Tunisia?

We all know that England is giant favorites in front of this match. The team has performed well during their friendly matches in front of the tournament, and they did very well in the World Cup qualification. Harry Kane has had a fantastic season in Tottenham, and the same can be said about Sterling in Manchester City. Together the team should be capable of fighting for the final trophy in the World Cup, but there is something about England and big tournaments.

During the European Championship in 2016, England lost 2-1 against Iceland in the first match of the knockout stage. In the FIFA World Cup in 2014, England lost their first two matches against Italy and Uruguay, and then they played a draw in their last group stage match against Costa Rica. They will for sure be eager to deliver their goods better this time!

But, we should not look down on Tunisia. They recently played 2-2 against Portugal, then 2-2 against Turkey, before they lost 1-0 to Spain in their last match before the tournament. Anyway, those are quite good results. The team lacks a big international star, but they have a solid squad, and they might cause trouble for Belgium, Panama, and England on a good day.

England vs. Tunisia to be played in Volgograd

England will play their match against Tunisia in the city of Volgograd. The city was known as Stalingrad until 1961, and it is located almost 1000km from Moscow. The city has around 1 million inhabitants, and the capacity of the stadium is 45,000 people.

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  1. GoHarry says:

    Harry for King! I hope he will score a hat-trick in this match. What a way to start the tournament, 5-0 victory for England, three goals by Harry Kane!

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