Watch Nigeria – Argentina online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

group d fifa world cup

Both Nigeria and Argentina play for a chance to play in the knockout stage of the FIFA World Cup tonight at 20.00 (CET). Do you want to watch Nigeria – Argentina online?

Few people expected the standings to show Argentina in the last place before the last leg in the group stage in group D. Here you can see the standings in group D before the last leg.

group d fifa world cup
Standings in Group D before the last leg

As you look on the standings, there is only one thing we can know for sure… Croatia has made it to the knockout stage. But, which team will follow them? Before the tournament, I called this the toughest and most interesting group, and I still find it to be so. Croatia will play against Iceland, while Nigeria will play against Argentina.

If Argentina manages to play at their best, they should make it the knockout stage. It will require them to score more goals than Iceland do (if both teams win their matches tonight), giving them a better goal-score than Iceland. But, Argentina has to win their match tonight, and that should give Nigeria some great chances as well. The African team will most likely end up in the knockout stage if they get a draw tonight, as long as Iceland doesn’t win against Croatia with 3 goals or more.

Argentina hasn’t impressed so far in the tournament, but maybe today is the day when Messi will get lucky again?

Watch Argentina – Nigeria online

The best way to stream Argentina vs. Nigeria tonight is by watching it on BBC in England. The same channel will also broadcast Iceland – Croatia, meaning you can easily jump between the two streams.

We hope it will be a fantastic match, and personally, I hope Messi will succeed and that this will be a match Argentina will win 5-0 after playing fantastic football for the first time in the tournament.

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