Watch Nigeria – Iceland online [FIFA World Cup 2018]

Watch Iceland - Nigeria online

Nigeria disappointed in their first match in the World Cup 2018, while Iceland impressed. But, is Iceland the favorites to win this match? Not really! Watch Nigeria – Iceland online!

Before the start of the tournament, Iceland did not impress in their friendly matches. Their opponents scored a lot of goals against them, and they didn’t win any of their matches. But then the tournament started, and they started to play football like we know they are capable of. And their opponent was no other team than one of the big favorites in the tournament, Argentina.

Watch Iceland - Nigeria online

The team from Iceland impressed with good defensive football, fueled with some fantastic attacks. When Argentina scored the first goal in the match and got in the lead with 1-0, I never thought Iceland would be able to get back into the match. I thought Iceland would turn into a disaster, and the match would end with 4-0 to Argentina. But, I did not have to wait for more than 4 minutes before Iceland got back into the match and 1-1 was the result. Later in the match, Lionel Messi got the chance to send Argentina back into the lead on a penalty, but the Icelandic keeper did a magnificent save, and thus the match ended 1-1.

Watch Iceland – Nigeria online

Would you like to stream Iceland – Nigeria online? I do, and I know several ways in which it can be done. If you cheer for the Icelandic team, then you should stream the match on the channel RUV in Iceland.

Would you rather stream the match on ITV or BBC in England? Read my instructions on how to stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 on BBC / ITV from abroad here.

Select one of the articles and follow the instructions to watch Iceland – Nigeria online

Can Nigeria rise after their first match?

Nigeria has been one of the greatest disappointments so far in the tournament. But, it is never easy to be the opponent of Croatia, as they have a fantastic team with great discipline, and thus it was a hard start on the tournament for Nigeria. But, they will have more space against a defensive team from Iceland, so maybe this will be their chance to grab some points and get back on track in the World Cup 2018?

What do you think? Will Iceland win this match?

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