Watch Spain – Iran online [FIFA World Cup]

Watch Spain - Iran online

The last match in the FIFA World Cup on June 20th will be played between Spain and Iran. Can Spain play magnificent football like they did against Portugal? Watch the match online and find out!

Iran managed to win 1-0 against Morocco in their opening match. That is a perfect start on the tournament for them, even though they got lucky with the own-goal, causing them to beat Morocco. They did, however, play fairly good football in the match, and they deserved the victory just as much as Morocco did. But, do they have anything or anyone capable of keeping up the tempo with Spain? For sure not!

Watch Spain - Iran online
The Spanish bear, Diego Costa. Will he score again against Iran?

Did you watch the match between Spain and Portugal? If you didn’t, watch the highlights from the match here. It was such a fantastic match, that I doubt there will be any other match like it in the World Cup. Spain passed the ball like as if was stuck to their feet, and the passes were all accurate, and it all went so fast. And they were capable of doing so against the winner of the former European Championship, Portugal. Isco had a fantastic match against Portugal, and even though Diego Costa looks like a bear, and sometimes played like a bear, he still scored two goals and did a great job. What will happen in the match between Spain and Iran?

The tempo will for sure be lower as Iran will try to slow down the pace of the game at all times. But, they will not be able to do so, because all Spain need is 2-3-4 passes in a quick pace, and the Iranians will be looking to the big screens on the stadium to understand where the ball is. Want to enjoy this match online?

Watch Spain – Iran online

If you are a fan of Spain, the best option is to watch the match on Spanish TV online. If you want to watch with English commentators, then ITV/BBC in the UK is the best way to stream Spain – Iran online. Click the links beneath to find information on the option that you are interested in.

We look forward to the match. What do you think will be the final result of this match? 4-0 victory for Spain?


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