Which Premier League matches can I watch on PeacockTV this weekend (September 11-12)?

Do you have a PeacockTV subscription and now you wonder which Premier League matches you will be able to stream on the platform this weekend? That is always a good question and I am very sad to say that the match I look forward to the most this weekend in the Premier League cannot be seen on PeacockTV. Which match am I thinking about?

I am thinking about the return of Christiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford as Manchester United will play against Newcastle United. It is going to be the return of a legend to Manchester, and I really do hope that he will become a hit from the first moment on. I also hope that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have a good relationship with the star and that together, they will be able to lead Manchester United to glory and to trophies (something Solskjaer hasn’t been able to with United yet).

But, even though you cannot stream Manchester United vs Newcastle United on PeacockTV this weekend, there are several other interesting matches worth watching.

Premier League on PeacockTV on September 11 and September 12th

These are the matches that you can stream on PeacockTV this upcoming weekend.

  • Brentford vs Brighton & Hove Albion
  • Arsenal vs Norwich
  • Watford vs Wolverhampton
  • Leicester vs Manchester City
  • Chelsea vs Aston Villa

All these matches will be played on Saturday. Unfortunately, there will not be any Premier League matches on PeacockTV this Sunday.

premier league peacocktv

What about September 18th and September 19th?

Next weekend PeacockTV subscribers will be able to stream the following matches on the service.

  • Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
  • Norwich vs Watford
  • Aston Villa vs Everton
  • Brighton & Hove Albion vs – Leicester
  • Tottenham vs Chelsea

This is what we can look forward to on PeacockTV in the coming weeks. I guess the match between Arsenal and Norwich will be the highlight for me on September 11th. Not because I am a big fan of any of the clubs, but I am really curious to see if Arsenal will be able to finally win a match in the Premier League this season.

On September 19th, the match between Tottenham and Chelsea will be a giant highlight. If Tottenham can win that match, they might get a solid grip on the Premier League already after five matches.

Are you ready to stream the Premier League online? Which matches are you looking forward to?

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