Zlatan will not play in the World Cup 2018

Zlatan for Sweden in Russia

There have been rumors about Zlatan Ibrahimovic coming to Russia to play for the Swedish national team during the FIFA World Cup 2018. Yesterday he ended the rumors as he confirmed that he will NOT play for Sweden during the FIFA World Cup.

Zlatan for Sweden in RussiaOnly a week ago Zlatan took part in a talk-show in the United States (with Jimmy Kimmel), in which he said that he wanted to give a gift to the people of Los Angeles, so he gave himself (by moving to the city). In the same interview, he also said that a World Cup wouldn’t be a world cup without Zlatan. Lots of people interpreted this as if Zlatan would, therefore, play for Sweden in the World Cup, but yesterday he ended the rumor spreading.

What makes the entire story a bit confusing, is that Zlatan has said that he will be in Russia. But, recently he said that he will not be there to play for Sweden, nor to work as a commentator. The latter is a job for those who want attention, but Zlatan doesn’t need attention, so why work as a commentator?

When Zlatan signed his contract with LA Galaxy, a part of the contract said that he would get a break from Major League Soccer during the FIFA World Cup. Even though MLS doesn’t take a break during the FIFA World Cup, Zlatan will get a break and the chance to visit Russia.

On the last question, Zlatan said that he considered Sweden to be the favorites to win the World Cup. And his final sentence was: Sweden is better without Zlatan.

We will soon find out. If you want to know more about the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA World Cup groups, or find out how you can stream the matches online, look around here at www.watchworldcup.net.

Would you like to watch the entire conversation between Jimmy Kimmel and Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Take a look at the video beneath.